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Desktop Graphics Ambitions: ATi Mobile Radeon 9800

Dell Inspiron 9100 And Inspiron XPS: The Test Systems

Because the two systems differ visually only in the look of the display cover, the two-tone design of the case and the model designation above the keyboard, we will show mainly pictures of the Inspiron 9100 here.

While the display cover of the XPS comes in a chic, silver-gray metal finish, the 9100's look is dominated by conventional but high-quality plastic.

The Inspiron XPS' elegant-looking display cover immediately sets it apart from ....

... the Inspiron 9100

On the left side of the case, both machines have the following ports: A PC card bay (1x type II), behind that the FireWire port and the audio connectors.

The optical drive, which can be swapped out, is also on the left side.

The VGA output, one DVI port, the TV output and the four USB ports are placed on the back of both machines. The ports for connecting the network cable or a phone line for the internal modem were also placed here.

The XPS differs from the 9100 with regard to the functionality of the NIC. The former has an NIC that also allows operation in a gigabit speed network. The 9100, on the other hand, only has a standard 10/100Mbit Ethernet connector.