These $39 Earbuds Come with a Detachable Boom Mic

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Thanks to Fortnite, PUBG and other various battle royales, more people are squading up and taking their game on the road. But trying to bark out orders over a regular pair of headphones can be a hassle, particularly with the varying quality in-line mics. Cougar has a rather novel solution in its new Attila in-ear headphones. Set to launch in June for a seriously affordable $39, the earbuds have an attachable boom mic.

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The wired buds will definitely stand out in a crowd, boom mic or not. The earcap has a glossy gold cougar surrounded by four gold-colored screws. The ear caps are rather large which makes worry about comfort level after wearing them over long periods of time. I do appreciate however, the flat, tangle-free cords and the three bundled pairs of eartips.

Thanks to its graphene diaphragm drivers, you can expect clear audio with good separation between the highs, mids and lows. So what about the mics? Yes mics, there are two of them In addition to the detachable boom mic with its bendable cord, there's also an in-line microphone. The boom mic is omnidirectional and has a measure of noise-cancellation, which will help immensely during the group chats.

For the price alone, I'm really excited to take the Cougar Attila earbuds for a spin.

Sherri L. Smith

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