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Chrome’s Getting a Whole New Look Sept. 4

Soon, you won't need to be a beta tester to use the redesigned Chrome, which will feature Google's Material Design language. A new post from Google tipped the public release date for Chrome 69, which will feature the new, cleaner-looking version of the web browser.

Credit: Lesterman/Shutterstock

(Image credit: Lesterman/Shutterstock)

The latest Chrome Enterprise Release Notes list Chrome 69 as coming on Sept. 4, and note that "Chrome Browser will have a new design across all operating systems," referring to the Material Design refresh that Google made available to Canary-level testers back in July. The redesign will also include "Windows 10 notification-center integration, touchpad gesture navigation on Windows, and autofill updates."

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Specifically, Material Design means that the user interface in the browser will feature more rounded icons and a brighter, whiter appearance.

The Material Design interface also features smoother transitions and responsive animations. Don't want to wait for September? Here's our step-by-step guide to running Chrome Canary, which defaults to Material Design.

The Chrome Enterprise Release notes also claim that Chrome 69 will reduce crashes caused by third-party extensions, and make it more difficult to view Flash content.