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Chinese Company Copies Google; Makes 'Goojje'

China's known for its knock-offs, copies, bootlegs, etc. One of the latest to be targeted by the copycat industries is Google, which had its logo themes ripped off for a Chinese search and social networking website.

Goojje, as it is called, has its main page looking as follows:

Reuters reports that Goojje has already stopped using its original URL,, which now redirects to, though the content appears to be the same.

While the Goojje logo has been in use for some time, a Google spokeswoman confirmed today that company has officially asked Goojje to stop copying Google's trademarked logo.

Google isn't the only one having its toes stepped on, however, as the paw print in the Goojje logo seems to be lifted from China's own Baidu search engine.