Product Use case Rating
MetroPCS Best Individual Prepaid Plan N/A
AT&T Runner-Up, Best Prepaid Plan N/A
Republic Wireless Best Plan Under $30 N/A
Boost N/A
Cricket N/A
Straight Talk N/A
Virgin N/A

What Are the Best Prepaid/Value Plans?

If you’re looking to save money on your monthly cellphone bill, opting for prepaid wireless service may be the way to go, especially as carriers offer a wider selection of phones to their prepaid customers. And you've got a lot of top plans to choose from, depending on your specific needs.

With prepaid plans, you pay ahead of time instead of at the end of each billing cycle. Prepaid plans let you get wireless service without a credit check, and you're not tied to any contract.

Based on our testing and analysis, MetroPCS is the best overall prepaid choice with its $40-a-month 5GB plan, thanks to its superior network performance. MetroPCS also has the best unlimited plan, especially if you don't mind streaming video at lower-resolution. For families, we think Boost Mobile currently has the best deal, thanks to generous discounts on adding additional lines of unlimited data.

Customers who want the most data for the least amount of dollars should consider AT&T's 6GB plan, which costs $40 a month with an autopay discount. If saving money is more important that maximizing data, though, you could turn to a host of discount carriers for an even lower monthly bill. Republic Wireless offers the best balance of cost and data, with a $20-a-month 1GB plan.

How We Picked the Best Prepaid Plans: You've got a vast number of choices when it comes to prepaid and discount carriers. To help simplify things, we divided plans into different categories. First, we looked at the best overall plans, using 3GB as the ideal amount of data an average user would need each month. Because a growing number of discount carriers now offer unlimited data, we also picked the best plan for people who want the fewest limitations on their monthly cellphone plan.

In addition, we determined which carrier offers the most attractive pricing for families who need multiple lines of data. In all of these categories, we took network performance, including our own 4G testing, into account.

Because some wireless customers want an even lower monthly bill, we broadened our search to include additional discount carriers, which allow you to mix and match the amount of talk minutes, text and data you have in your monthly bill. We picked the best plan for less than $30 that had the most attractive combination of service and price.

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Best Prepaid Plans for Individuals

Best Overall Prepaid Plan: MetroPCS, 5GB for $40 a month

Who Should Get It: Prepaid customers who want the best network performance

MetroPCS stands out because of the superior network of parent company T-Mobile. MetroPCS's $40 plan also doesn't put any limits on download speeds, as Cricket does.

MetroPCS has tinkered with the data allotment in its $40 monthly plan lately, boosting it from 3GB to 6GB over the summer, before knocking it down to 5GB at present. That's still a generous hunk of data, with only AT&T offering more at this price point. MetroPCS also includes nice bonuses like the ability to stream music from more than 40 services without it counting against your monthly data allotment.

Metro's $30 a month plan remains at 2GB, after the carrier doubled the size of the data bucket over the summer. If you don't consume much data, MetroPCS's cheaper plan is an option, though you may be better off with Boost's tiered data plan. Boost offers 1GB more of data for just $5 extra each month.

Runner-Up: AT&T, 6GB for $40 a month

Who Should Get It: Data-hungry users who like AT&T's network

With MetroPCS scaling back the size of its $40 plan, AT&T is alternative choice for users with big data needs. AT&T offers a 6GB plan for $45, but you can knock $5 off your monthly bill by enrolling in autopay. Any data you don't use with AT&T rolls over to the next month.

Other prepaid options include:

• Cricket, 5GB for $40 a month: Cricket just boosted the amount of data on its $40 monthly plan to match MetroPCS, and with Cricket's autopay discount, you can bring your monthly bill down to $35. Unfortunately, Cricket, which uses AT&T's network, caps LTE speeds at 8 Mbps so you take a performance hit. Cricket doubled the size of its low-cost $30 a month plan to 2GB as well.

Boost, 3GB for $35 a month: Boost's tiered data plan isn't a bad choice, especially now that the carrier has joined MetroPCS and Cricket in folding taxes and fees into its monthly rates. Boost uses Sprint's slower network.

Straight Talk, 10GB for $60 a month: You can get the 10GB plan for $45 from Straight Talk, which recently rejiggered its plans to expand your options and increase the amount of data you get. (Low-data users finally have an option at Straight Talk, now that the carrier also has a 2GB plan for an attractive $35 a month, though both MetroPCS and Boost have cheaper options still.) The more expensive of Straight Talk's 10GB plans adds unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to Mexico, Canada, China and India. If international calling doesn't meet your needs or you want more data, consider Straight Talk's $55 unlimited option (which we'll discuss further below). Be aware that Straight Talk finished at the bottom of our annual carrier rankings.

Low-Cost Plans

If you want to save even more money on your monthly bill, other discount carriers let you mix and match talk, text and data allotments. By turning to one of these options, you can cut your bill down to size if you don't really use a lot of data each month or you prefer texting to talking.

The perfect low-cost plan depends upon your needs, but to find the carrier that offers the best mix of options, we set a budget of $30. Then we tried to build a plan that offered the best mix of talk, text and data without exceeding our monthly limit. We gave extra marks to plans that came in well under budget while still giving us a good allotment.

Talk Time
LTE Data
Monthly Cost
Consumer Cellular
AT&T, T-Mobile
5 percent discount for AARP members
AT&T, Sprint
Also offers family plans
1,500 minutes
Includes unlimited international texts
Project Fi
Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular
Get refunds for unused data; Works with Pixels plus Moto X4
Republic Wireless
Sprint, T-Mobile
Uses Wi-Fi for calls and text when possible
Plans cover calls to Canada and Mexico
Plan is discounted to $14 for the first month
The People's Operator
Sprint, T-Mobile
Includes $5 discount for autopay enrollment
500 minutes
100 texts
Sprint, T-Mobile
Plan reflects "pay what you use" pricing
US Mobile
500 minutes
1,000 texts
T-Mobile, Verizon
Pricing varies if you opt for GSM or CDMA network

Our favorite plan comes from Republic Wireless, which offers 1GB of data along with unlimited talk and text for $20 a month. Republic keeps monthly prices low by using Wi-Fi networks to handle much of your calling, texting and data needs; when Wi-Fi's not available, it turns to the mobile networks of Sprint and T-Mobile.

If you need more data and don't mind paying a little bit more each month, The People's Operator and FreedomPop both offer 2GB plans with unlimited talk and text for $25 a month; add another $5 to your FreedomPop bill, and you can get 3GB. The People's Operator uses the networks of Sprint and T-Mobile, while FreedomPop operates on AT&T and Sprint. FreedomPop is particularly appealing if you want to add multiple lines, as a family of four can share 1GB of data for $20 a month. If you want the largest pool of data for less than $30, TextNow, Tello and FreedomPop all have 3GB options at that price level.

You can also lower your bill by turning to carriers like US Mobile and Ting, which offer pay as you go plans. It's difficult to say exactly how much your monthly bill will be with these services — again, it depends on exactly how much you use each month. But a Ting plan where you have 500 minutes of talk time, 100 texts and 500MB of data should run you about $28 each month. You'd pay $27 at US Mobile by limiting yourself to 500 minutes of talk time, 1,000 texts and 1GB of data on T-Mobile's GSM netwowrk. US Mobile has just signed on with a second carrier which it describes as "America's biggest 4G network" (You're free to conclude that means Verizon), which means expanded options, including unlimited data plans, through pricing varies a little bit from US Mobile's other plans.

Consumer Cellular recently updated its pricing, streamlining its talk plan options to just 250 minutes ($15 a month) or unlimited minutes ($20 a month). Data plans, which include unlimited texting, are more generous now too, as you can get 1GB of data for $10. Combine that with an unlimited talk plan, and you'll pay $30 monthly at Consumer Cellular, with AARP members eligible for a 5 percent discount. Tello's pricing has changed, too, allowing you to get more data for less than $30 each month.

Unlimited Prepaid Plans

Best Unlimited Prepaid Plan: MetroPCS, $50 a month

Who Should Get It: Data-hungry cell phone users who want the fastest network

MetroPCS and Boost have the best price on unlimited data at $50 a month, though both carriers restrict video streaming to 480p. Boost goes a step further by also imposing speed limits on game and music streaming for unlimited customers. That, plus MetroPCS's better performing network, make the choice easier.

A second MetroPCS unlimited option costs $60 a month and gives you 10GB of LTE hotspot data. That plan used to let you stream video at HD resolution, but that's no longer included; instead, that's a $10 monthly add-on. (Boost also lets you remove its streaming video restriction for $10 a month.)

Other unlimited plans include:

• Boost, $50 a month: As noted above, under Boost's unlimited plan, music will stream at 500 Kbps, and streaming games will be limited to 2 Mbps on top of the 480p streaming video restriction. You can pay $10 extra each month to stream video at 1080p, music at 1.5 Mbps and games at 8 Mbps.

• Virgin, $50 a month: Virgin has reinvented itself as an iPhone-only carrier, stripping down its data plan options to just a single unlimited offering. The good news is that Virgin charges as much as MetroPCS and Boost do for their plans. The bad news: Virgin puts the same restrictions on video, games and music that Boost does. If you already own an iPhone, you can bring it over to Virgin and get six months of unlimited data for $1 a month.

• Cricket, $55 a month: Unlimited data costs more at Cricket than with MetroPCS and Boost, but an autopay discount knocks $5 off the usual $60 rate. As with other Cricket plans, the unlimited option caps data speeds at 8 Mbps for LTE. You can stream video at full resolution once you turn off Cricket's Stream More feature that restricts video streams to 480p resolution. You also get 8GB of hotspot data. A second unlimited data plan — Cricket Unlimited 2 — cuts the cost of unlimited data by another $5 a month, but caps data speeds even further at 3 Mbps; the only reason to consider this option is if you're adding a second line of data for a total of $80 a month. Under a current promotion at Cricket, you can get four lines of unlimited data under the Cricket Unlimited 2 plan for $100 a month, though remember that's with the 3 Mbps cap on data speed.

• Straight Talk, $55 a month: Straight Talk joins the ranks of prepaid carriers with an unlimited data option for a relatively affordable $55 a month, matching Cricket's pricing. As with other prepaid unlimited plans, expect videos to stream at 480p resolution. Autopay enrollment knocks a single dollar off your monthly rate.

• AT&T, $60 a month: AT&T clearly has the worst prepaid unlimited plan, even after you knock $5 off the $65 rate when you enroll in autopay. Not only does AT&T restrict video streaming to 480p resolution, there's also a 3 Mbps cap on data speeds, which is even more severe than the 8 Mbps cap that Cricket imposes.

• Sprint, $60 a month: Sprint has a new unlimited option for prepaid customers that normally costs $60. But Sprint is following the lead of its postpaid unlimited plan and cutting the monthly fee to $50 through Jan. 31, 2019. You can stream video at 1080p resolution on this plan though there are caps on streaming music (1.5 Mbps) and games (8 Mbps).

• Verizon, $80 a month: Verizon has the most expensive unlimited data plan for prepaid users. It costs as much as Verizon's unlimited postpaid plan, and this version restricts video streaming to 480p resolution.

• US Mobile, $35 to $75 a month: Now that it can piggyback on Verizon's network, US Mobile offers its customers unlimited data plan options. Rates vary widely depending on what speed you get your data at (options range from 1 Mbps to a more expensive uncapped plan) and just how much talk time and texting you do on top of your unlimited data.

Family Plans

If you're shopping for multiple prepaid lines, six carriers are worth considering — AT&T, Boost, Cricket, MetroPCS, Sprint and Verizon. They offer discounts when you add multiple lines. In the case of AT&T and Cricket, those discounts escalate the more lines you add.

Best Plan: MetroPCS's unlimited plan for four lines of data, $140

Who Should Get It: Families with big data needs who want to save money

The best prepaid family plan usually comes down to who's offering the better discounts on additional lines. Boost and MetroPCS offered dueling discounts over most of the summer, but now both carriers let you add additional lines for $30, regardless of which plan you're adding on to. That means bigger discount for pricier plans, so an extra line of unlimited data costs $30 at both Boost and MetroPCS. We'll give the nod to MetroPCS because it uses T-Mobile's network, which outperforms Sprint (the parent company of Boost) in our testing.

Keep an eye peeled for special discounts. At Boost, a current promotion running through the end of the year gives you five lines of unlimited data at $100 a month when you switch to Boost from Cricket or MetroPCS. Meanwhile, MetroPCS has a in-store promotion in which you can get up to four lines of unlimited data for $100 a month, with MetroPCS also offering you a free phone, if you switch from another carrier.

Other options for families include:

• AT&T: Cricket has more slightly generous discounts as you add more lines, but parent company AT&T gets the nod for having a better performing network. And AT&T's discounts still escalate as you add more lines: you save $5 on the second line, $10 off the third and $15 off the fourth. A family of four that opts for four lines with 6GB of data each will pay $130, once you factor in all those discounts, plus additional savings from autopay. That same family can mix and match plans, too, adding a cheaper 1GB plan if there's a member of the family who doesn't use as much data as the rest.

• Cricket: Cricket used to be a much more attractive option for families when it offered steeper discounts on extra lines. While not as generous, the revamped discounts from families still let you save. You can knock $10 off the price of a second line and $20 off the price for any lines after that. Under this pricing, a family of four each gets 5GB of data for $110 a month. (Unfortunately, Cricket's group savings aren't eligible for autopay credits.)

• Sprint: Sprint's revamped prepaid plan adds a discounted rate when you add more lines. The first line of 4GB of LTE data costs $40 a month with autopay enrollment, but subsequent lines cost $30 each. For unlimited plans, Sprint charges $100 for two lines of data, but it's waving the costs on the third, fourth and fifth lines. After Jan. 31, 2019, though, you'll pay $160 for four lines ($60 for the first line, $40 for the second and $30 for each line after that).

• T-Mobile: T-Mobile offers a 10GB prepaid family plan, where the first line costs $50, the second line costs $30, and any line after that costs $20. That means a family of four pays $120 a month for 10GB of LTE data each.

• Verizon: Verizon is following fellow Big Four carriers AT&T and Sprint by offering discounts as you add prepaid lines, with the size of the discount depending on what plan you have. The carrier will knock $10 off a second line of its $40 3GB plan and $15 off the $50 7GB plan. Extra lines get a $20 discount on Verizon's 10GB ($60) and unlimited ($80) prepaid plans. You can add up to five lines at Verizon.

Big Four Prepaid Plans

Prepaid Data Plans
Monthly Cost
Includes $5 autopay discount; Unlimited plan caps video streaming at 480p and data speeds at 3 Mbps
Includes $5 autopay discount, with unlimited international texting and hotspot data; Unlimited plan is currently discounted to $50 per month for a year
Only tiered data plans available at T-Mobile
Tiered plans offer rollover data; Unlimited plan caps video streaming at 480p

Besides AT&T, the other major carriers offer prepaid plans, though they're not as appealing as the options outlined above. Recent changes to prepaid pricing at Verizon give you 4GB for $40 a month or 7GB for $50 a month, respectively, while Sprint's prepaid options include 4GB for $40 plus a new unlimited option. T-Mobile's $45, 4GB prepaid option is compelling only if you still want to subscribe to that carrier's wireless service but don't want a pricier unlimited data plan; a limited time offer currently available at the Uncarrier gives you 10GB of prepaid data for $50 a month, which is an intriguing offer for however long it lasts.

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