Carte Blanche iPhone Battery Cases Can Come in Stingray

LAS VEGAS - At last, the prayers of fashion-minded iPhone 6 battery cases users has been answered. While we've seen a number of battery cases at CES this year most were bulky, clunky and a little geeky. We've seen big black brick after brick that adds a hefty, and permanent, weight to the phone. Carte Blanche Power Cases by Boostcase stand out in opposition.

The Carte Blanche, available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, is a two-piece battery case that allows the battery to be removed when extra juice (and extra bulk) isn't desired. Using a slot and dot set up the phone and primary case cab slide out of the battery case. The setup was extremely sturdy. I was able to fling the phone around without it sliding out of the battery case -- though it may be too sturdy. More than once I found myself grunting a little as I pushed the phone out of the battery case. 

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Blue LEDs on the bottom of the case will light up with a touch to let you know how much juice is left, but there's a learning curve on activating the LEDs and it took a couple of tries to do it consistently.

The design Boostcase uses also allows the primary case and phone to be attached to other accessories. The company showed off wallet, billfold and even a fitness band accessory that the phone can slot into. Most importantly, the wallet and billfold options available were actually good looking. Boostcase is committed to being about fashion first and their accessories, when necessary, use real leather and snakeskin. We even saw a version of the Carte Blanche made of sting ray!

Folks looking to get their hands on this fashionable battery case will have to settle for four year round colors (black, white, gold and clear) and three seasonal colors that will change depending on "the fall and spring lines." The case will be available later in this month in a 2220mAh ($80) and 2700mAh ($100) battery size for the iPhone 6 and a 2700mAh ($1000) and 4500mAh ($130) battery size for the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Alex Cranz
Alex Cranz is the Associate Reviews Editor at Tom’s Guide. She spends her days developing and implementing new benchmarks and playing with 4k displays. Her evenings are devoted to Destiny, Xena and building the ultimate Plex server.