Acid3 Test Simplified; All Modern Browsers Score 100

All current modern browsers, including IE9, IE10, Chrome 14-16, Firefox 6-8 and Opera 11, now score a perfect 100/100 result.

According to Ian Hickson, who maintains the Acidtests website, there have been several revisions, including SVG Fonts, a feature that was criticized by Mozilla. Hickson said that changes also affected SMIL animations, Xlink as well as DOM Range. Overall, it appears that the developers cleaned up the test and removed antiquated and unusual web technologies. I can't help but feel that much of the changes are a late reply to criticism that has persisted over the past two years.

Acid3 itself is more than three years old and could use an update, possibly in the HTML5 range where the support of confirmed and planned technologies is pretty much a mess. Since all major browsers now achieve a perfect score in Acid3, there may be little reason to use Acid3 in comparison tests at this time.

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  • mcvf
    Oh, our software does not go well with the specification. Fix the specification!
  • Anomalyx
    Wait... so because the software didn't pass the test, the test was adjusted so the software could pass? That's exactly what the nation has done with education (kids aren't smart enough to pass the tests, so dumb down the standardized tests), and has proven it doesn't help a thing. Makes it worse, in fact.
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  • Branden
    just ran firefox thru acid3 and got 100/100 but still showed the text "you should not see this at all" in the top left corner.
  • dragonsqrrl
    Good to hear that they finally made those adjustments, some of them have been long overdue.
  • mcvf
    Oh, our software does not go well with the specification. Fix the specification!