Verizon Now Selling Sony's Android SmartWatch

Verizon Wireless is now carrying Sony's SmartWatch, an accessory for Android smartphones featuring its own Android-based OS. The device extends the user's smartphone by piping in messages, call notifications and more via a Bluetooth 3.0 connection.

Unfortunately, the SmartWatch is only compatible with a limited number of devices sporting Android 2.1 or higher. Verizon lists 45 devices in all ranging from the Motorola Xoom tablets to the Droid 4 to the HTC Rezound to the Casio G'zOne Commando. The Motorola Droid Xyboard, Droid Bionic and Droid Razr Maxx are also thrown on the list.

After taking a look at Sony's product page, the limitation is a Verizon thing, as it's compatible with numerous other devices like the Xperia Play, Motorola Droid 2, Samsung Galaxy S II, Sony Tablet S and P, and more. A Verizon rep was unable to provide a reason as to why some compatible devices are listed as incompatible, stating that "if you wish, you can purchase that device. You will have 30 days to return if you are not happy."

On the spec side, the SmartWatch features a 1.3-inch OLED display fitting into an iPod nano-like case measuring 1.5-inches across. The battery will last for 3 to 4 days during typical usage, and 14 days on standby. The resolution is only 128 x 128, so don't expect to play Angry Birds on your arm. Bluetooth 3.0 keeps it connected to the smartphone to pull in data.

The SmartWatch comes pre-loaded with a number of apps including All Events (displays in chronological order), Messaging (SMS/MMS), corporate E-mail (for Sony and Sony Ericsson Android phones), Gmail (for all other Android smartphones), Calendar Notifications, Facebook, Twitter, Music Player, Call Handling (call, mute, reject, or answer and send pre-defined SMS), Pre-defined SMS (like missed calls – I’m busy, messaging - call me, email – ok), Battery Strength, Find Phone, and Weather.

Additional apps can be downloaded from Google Play.

"With just a tap, touch, and swipe, SmartWatch turns from a watch displaying the time to a multi-touch remote information center for your Android smartphone," Verizon states. "Vibration and screen alerts notify you of key events, such as incoming calls and appointments. It also lets you read information such as your Gmail, text messages, Facebook™ and Twitter™ updates, and the weather forecast - all from your wrist."

To get the $149.97 Android-based Sony SmartWatch, grab it from Verizon Wireless online here, or simply head into your local Verizon store.

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