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Now You Can 3D Print Your Face on Star Trek Figurine

While researchers are off doing amazing things with 3D printing (like printing jaw implants and guns), others are working on more light-hearted projects.


3D Systems has announced the launch of a brand new application that will help users create their very own Star Trek action figure with a person twist: You can put your own face on the doll. Dubbed 3DMe, the application requires just two photographs of your face. You then pick your figurine's pose, shirt color and rank, and enter your height and weight. 3D Systems then prints your figurine and mails it to you.

For those wondering, yes, you can choose your series, too. So if you're a fan of TNG, you won't be stuck with a Deep Space Nine or Voyager souvenir. The finished product is just 5.5-inches in height and they cost $69.99 per figurine. Check it out on