Robotic Bed Transforms Into Wheelchair

For those who are having trouble getting in and out of bed, Panasonic has the right gadget for you: a robotic bed that turns into a wheelchair. Frankly, this should be a feature placed in every single hospital room across the globe, as the transition from bed to chair can be agonizing for some patients. However, the robot bed isn't available just yet, and is slated to make an appearance at the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition at the end of the month.

According to Panasonic's press release, the robot can transform itself from a bed into a wheelchair and visa versa at the command of the user, eliminating the risks and burdens associated with moving from bed to chair. Panasonic also said that the robot can expand the user's range of activities by joining a family meal, moving from bed to wheelchair without anyone's assistance.

"The Robotic Bed has been developed with Panasonic’s innovative technologies including a control system that aids safe operation of the robot," the company explained. "The Robotic Bed automatically separates or restores certain components as it is converted into the bed or wheelchair mode. In the wheelchair mode, the robot can detect people and obstacles in its way to safely guide the user to avoid collisions."

The robot features an interface that enables the user to easily transform the robot from one form to the other. As a wheelchair, the controller enables the user to drive and then provide an instruction to morph back into bed formation. The robot also provides a Robotic Canopy, an information interface that allows for viewing television, operating home appliances, and check security cameras installed in the home.

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