Opera Browser Now on Android

Opera has been around for longer than either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, yet despite its low market share, it's still here. The reason for this is that Opera has been the silent innovation driving all major web-browsers for years, being the original source of many ideas in web browsing that most people take for granted. Despite the browser's inherent problems with webpage compatibility, the company has decided to now release the full working version of the browser on Google Play for Android Devices.

The beta version has been available since March 2013, having been unveiled at the Mobile World Congress. Back then, we already saw the exciting features that this new addition to the market brought with it. Featuring a new user interface, the browser brought us a discover mode, which shows all of the interesting news articles that you might have missed, curated by the company (not automatically generated). Other features include a relocatable navigation bar, full screen mode and text wrapping. For those with limited mobile Internet usage, the browser also brings a new idea to the industry called off-road mode, which compresses websites for data saving when needed, meaning you don't always have to sacrifice your bandwidth to read a news article. Have a look on Google Play, and tell us what you think of the app and the company in the shadows.