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Mozilla Wants to Help You Learn Code with Webmaker Project

There’s already plenty of options floating around the web if you decide you want to learn how to code. But if you’re anything like me, staying motivated by yourself is hard. The journey to learn to code is always more fun if you bring a friend. That’s part of the reason why Mozilla is launching its own coding academy, dubbed Mozilla Webmaker.

Webmaker’s meant to help those interested in learning to code get motivated by joining in events to learn with fellow students. Most prominently, this summer, Mozilla’s launching the Summer Code Party. Users across the world will be provided with all the tools required to learn to code along with a supportive community to keep them motivated. Summer Code Party, starting June 23, is a series of events, meet-ups, and hackjams meant to get people introduced to the community, involved, and learning.  

If you’re interested in Webmaker, head over to the MozillaWiki for more information. For information about Summer Code Party events, direct yourself to the Webmaker “Find an Event” page.