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Facebook Photo Lands Drunk Driver in Jail

The Buffalo News reports that Ashley M. Sullivan was Wednesday sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation for crashing her car while drunk and killing her boyfriend.

Sullivan went to Florida a month after the crash and a photo posted to her Facebook page is captioned, "Me drunk in Florida." The judge said the reason for her jail sentence was because she was "troubled" by the girl's conduct since the crash.

Judge Matthew J. Murphy III also refused to grant Sullivan youthful offender status for the same reason, stating, 'I don't feel she has earned it." According to the Buffalo News, when Sullivan's defense attorney said, "This young woman is remorseful," one of the two dozen people gathered in the courtroom laughed.

Sullivan's license was revoked and the girl was told when she was released from prison, she would be electronic home monitoring for a year.

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