Digital Cutting Board Concept is the Perfect Kitchen Aid

Designed by Jaewan Jeong, the Almighty Board is the ultimate kitchen aid all of us culinary-challenged folk have been waiting for. This digitalized, "smart-board" is essentially your cutting board, recipe book, scale and personal assistant all rolled up into a convenient tablet-like package. With step-by-step instructions guiding your every move, the Almighty Board ensures your success in the kitchen.After you are done preparing the ultimate meal, the board will even tell you whether or not you did a good enough job cleaning it. After it is washed, it detects whether or not the user cleaned it well enough to avoid any contamination or food poisoning. Although this concept sounds like a dream come too, the technology certainly exists for a real life Almighty Board.

Seeing as how it is essentially a waterproof, sturdy tablet with kitchen-friendly software, we wouldn't be too surprised to see an Almighty Board-like product sometime in the near future.

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