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Samsung 2022 TVs revealed — 89-inch microLED, Neo QLED and more

Samsung 2022 MicroLED TV
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung 2022 TVs include a MicroLED that might actually fit your home, new 8K and 4K Neo QLED sets and several updates to the Samsung smart TV platform.

Samsung made the best TV you could buy last year, and now the company is looking to maintain its crown with a refreshed Neo QLED lineup promising better brightness, depth enhancement and impressive 144Hz inputs. Meanwhile, MicroLED’s evolution takes the form of a preconfigured 89-inch screen, making it Samsung’s most living room-friendly MicroLED yet.

Samsung’s premium TV offerings will come with a revamped home page complete with a fresh way to find new content, a dedicated gaming hub and an updated Ambient Mode. This year will also see the launch of an NFT aggregation platform and Watch Together, a co-viewing initiative that lets customers watch with friends and family in real-time, no matter how many miles apart they might be.

That’s not all: Samsung’s Eco Remote will come in more colors, and The Frame is getting an improved anti-glare panel. And outside of the main showcase, Samsung Display, the company's screen-making arm, showed off new QD-OLED panel tech, which is looking very impressive.   

Here’s everything else you can expect from Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup.

Samsung 2022 TVs: MicroLED

Samsung 2022 TV MicroLED pixels

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has been trying to make MicroLED happen since the company unveiled the first version of The Wall, a massive entertainment screen that looked like it belonged on a Las Vegas stage rather than in someone’s home. Last year, Samsung launched a 99-inch MicroLED TV and promised we’d see even smaller configurations soon. Now, MicroLED comes in an 89-inch option, shrinking the ultra-premium technology into something customers can actually fit in their living room.

An 89-inch TV is still a massive device, but size has been a huge hurdle for MicroLED. As has price. There’s no information yet on how much the new size will cost, but it won’t be cheap. The premade 99-inch and 110-inch premade models will also remain for sale, though Samsung’s MicroLED TV can be customized up to 178 inches. 

Samsung 2022 TVs: Neo QLED (8K and 4K Mini LED)

Samsung 2022 TV NeoQLED 8k

(Image credit: Future)

Neo QLED is Samsung’s more mainstream technology, first released last year in the form of the Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV. In 2022 Neo QLED will improve across a series of 8K and 4K screens, positioning Samsung's panel as the ultimate OLED competitor.

Once again Neo QLED is powered by Samsung’s quantum mini-LED technology. But now Neo QLED sets will benefit from a feature called Shape Adaptive Light Control, as well as a larger luminance scale (12-bit to a 14-bit backlight) and an Object Depth Enhancer tool. Object Depth Enhancer uses AI to analyze a picture and identify the main subject from the background.

Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs should also sound better this year thanks to features like Active Voice Amplifier, Object Tracking Sound, and SpaceFit Sound, you can feel like you’re right there in the room with your favorite performer. The sets get speedy 144Hz inputs and true HDMI 2.1 ports, too.

Samsung 2022 TVs: The Frame

Samsung 2022 TVs Frame

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Frame is a familiar product in Samsung’s Lifestyle TV lineup, elevating an average wall-mounted TV into an illusion fit for an art gallery. We’ve seen the company issue updates to moldings and other aesthetic needs before, but this year’s alteration might be the most meaningful one yet. It comes with an upgraded matte, anti-reflective display.

This new display is designed to fix light scattering surface irregularities, delivering a lifelike paper and canvas texture to the device when you’re not watching TV. In other words, the images you choose to display should look more like true framed art, instead of a framed TV showing art.

Samsung 2022 TVs: Smart TV updates, gaming features and NFT aggregation

Samsung 2022 TV smart TV platform

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung is bringing some major changes to the smart TV platform found on its premium sets. The company is calling the update the “New Home Screen,” which features a Media Screen, Gaming Hub and refreshed Ambient Mode. Media Screen acts as a unified dashboard for your streaming apps, while Gaming Hub centralizes your game consoles through a cloud-based service so you can jump back into playing right from your TV’s home screen. Gamers will also get a Game Bar, a combined settings menu with useful mid-game tools like Zoom in Mode.

Watch Together is the other big software update customers can expect to see in Samsung 2022 TVs. As the name suggests, the feature lets you watch movies, shows and anything on live TV with someone else virtually. It’s kind of an evolution of Samsung’s Multi View, but introduces a video feed through the camera of your connected smart devices. The Watch Together platform will come built into Samsung’s new TVs, so no need for a third-party app or separate co-watching features from individual streaming services.

Lastly, Samsung 2022s TVs are getting an NFT aggregation platform that lets a user turn their TV into a one-stop NFT destination. The on-the-pulse platform lets you browse, purchase, research and display your favorite art. Samsung’s Smart Calibration feature will even adjust a TV’s display settings to the creator’s preset values, so you’re seeing an NFT as true to the original as possible.

Samsung 2022 TVs: New Eco Remote

Samsung 2022 TV eco remote

(Image credit: Samsung)

The final call-out on Samsung’s 2022 TVs is the New Eco Remote. Last year Samsung's Neo QLED TVs came with the Samsung Solar Cell Remote, which ditches the usual AAA batteries for a rechargeable battery pack and a small solar panel that can keep the remote battery topped up using nothing but the light from your living room's light fixtures.

This year customers will have the choice of a white Eco Remote (it previously only came in black) designed to better match some of the Lifestyle TV offerings.

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