Samsung The Frame TV 2021 just got big upgrades — here's what's new

Samsung My Shelf
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Ever since the introduction of The Serif back in 2015 and The Frame TV in 2017, Samsung has had a segment of its TV lineup designated Lifestyle TVs, a design-first collection of TVs that don't look anything like your standard TV.

Samsung made some big announcements for its Lifestyle TV line today, with details about the 2021 version of The Frame, a new model of the Terrace outdoor TV and new apps and compatibility coming to The Sero that make Samsung's mobile-focused rotating TV more phone-friendly than ever.

And, a new face joins the Lifestyle TV family with the Premiere, an impressive short-throw home theater laser projector that has built in audio and smart capabilities.

The Frame 2021

The Frame has been the flagship model in the Samsung Lifestyle lineup since its debut, and the 2021 model looks better than ever.

The 2021 model gets an even slimmer design, measuring just 24.9 millimeters thick, and is more capable than past models, with Samsung's Quantum Processor 4K chip handling video processing and smart functions, and a much larger 6GB of internal storage for keeping more high-res photos and artworks saved locally on the TV. That's enough space for 1,200 images at 4K resolution, letting you cycle through a near-endless collection of art and memories.

Samsung Frame TV

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The Frame is a full-featured Samsung smart TV, with all the apps and services of a standard Samsung 4K TV, and the addition of the Samsung Art Store, which gives you access to thousands of gallery-quality images of artwork, both famous works and new material from upcoming artists. Thanks to a new partnership with NAVA Contemporary and Etsy, there's more original artwork than ever for your Frame TV.

The Frame has built-in speakers offering 2-channel 20-watt sound, but if you want more robust audio to match your gorgeous TV, it's also compatible with Samsung soundbars, complete with a slim soundbar made to go with The Frame.

Samsung My Shelf

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The Frame now has five swappable bezel frames (including the new Teak wood and Brick red), but Samsung is also introducing a new shelving unit designed to surround The Frame, called My Shelf.

Available in beige or white, the specially designed shelving unit fits around 55- and 65-inch models of The Frame, with a modular design lets you arrange the screen and shelves in centered or right/left orientations.

Pricing and availability for My Shelf hasn't been announced yet (when pressed, a Samsung rep tentatively told us Q2 of 2021), but The Frame is available for pre-order now.

The Sero 2021

A relatively new member of the Samsung Lifestyle family of TVs is The Sero, a rotating TV that pivots between landscape and portrait mode to seamlessly display mobile video in both horizontal and vertical modes.

It's a TV for the smartphone set, and offers such features as one-touch NFC pairing for screen mirroring, and an automatic rotation feature that turns the screen to match the orientation of your phone or video content.

Samsung Sero TV

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While details about the 2021 model are still fairly sparse, Samsung has announced that The Sero TV will be getting Apple AirPlay2 support, and will support video sharing in both horizontal and vertical modes. This opens up the mobile-focused TV to Apple users as well as the Samsung and Android users that already had full feature support.

The Sero will also be the first Samsung TV to get the new TikTok smart TV app. With the rotating screen, The Sero is uniquely suited to TikTok's video format, but the app won't be limited to The Sero for long. It's coming to all Samsung smart TVs later this year.

The Premiere projector 2021

Samsung Premiere projector

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Samsung has expanded the Lifestyle lineup this year with The Premiere, a short-throw laser projector that gives you up to a 130-inch 4K picture on any neutral-colored wall or screen, without the need for an awkward overhead installation.

The Premiere projector is a triple laser system, giving it sharper resolution and better color than many home projectors, and Samsung claims it can be as close as 11 centimeters away from the wall or screen for use.

The minimalist design looks clean and elegant, but inside the Premiere is a full 4.2 channel, 40-watt sound system — essentially making the projector its own soundbar — as well as all the hardware needed for Samsung's Tizen smart TV platform. NFC pairing is also built-in, letting you pair your phone to the projector with just a tap.

Samsung will have two models of The Premiere projector in 2021, the LSP7 and LSP9. Samsung hasn't announced pricing or availability for the new 2021 models yet, but we would expect the new models to be priced similarly to last year's projectors, which had the Premiere LSP7T and LSP9T selling for $3,499 and $6,499, respectively.

Samsung will also be offering a rollable projection screen for the Premiere later this year.

The Terrace 2021

Samsung's outdoor TV line from last year, The Terrace, is also expanding. Today Samsung announced a new 75-inch model with full-sun visibility, joining the existing models, which offered ideal viewing in partial-sunlight conditions.

Samsung Terrace outdoor TV

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The new full-sun viewable TV ramps up the brightness and anti-reflection technology to make it watchable in full sunlight, and keeps all of the other outdoor features of the Terrace line, like an IP55 rating against water and dust, a wall-mounted weather-resistant design and optional weather-resistant soundbar to go with it.

The Serif 2021

Samsung Serif TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

If you want a stylish TV that's inspired more by modern sculpture than the painting-inspired looks of The Frame, then The Serif is the model to get. No announcement has been made about changes to the design or features of The Serif, but we suspect it will continue to be a solid smart TV sharing several features with The Frame.

Samsung didn't spend much time in the Unbox & Discover event detailing The Serif, but we have been told by Samsung that The Serif will continue in 2021.

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