Samsung just announced the first MicroLED TV that could fit in your home

Samsung MicroLED 89 inch
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s MicroLED TVs have always looked great, but high price and impractical sizes make it difficult to imagine bringing this premium TV technology into our homes. The company might have solved one of those hold-ups with an 89-inch MicroLED configuration announced just ahead of CES 2022.

Like last year’s 110-inch and 99-inch MicroLED TVs, the new 89-inch MicroLED TV will use micron-scale LED pixels to deliver a 4K picture with precision lighting and unbeatable color. MicroLED offers many of the same benefits of OLED, like true blacks and pixel-level lighting, while promising even better color and longevity. 

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The latest Samsung MicroLED model is still going to be expensive compared to all the best TVs we recommend to shoppers — the 110-inch version is priced around $150,000. But the size is certainly more palatable than the first 146-inch version of The Wall and Samsung’s subsequent MicroLED launches. People want big TVs for their home entertainment experience, and 89 inches seems to land in the range that could make sense for a large living room.

It also almost makes us forget about the 76-inch MicroLED Samsung promised us in 2021. While certain pre-configured sizes of the MicroLED TV hit the market, the 76-inch version never materialized. The last we heard, it is slated for an unspecified date "in the future.”

The 89-inch MicroLED is also preconfigured, meaning it will be sold as-is. Comparatively, Samsung offers a modular approach to purchasing its MicroLED screens, currently offering configurations up to 178 inches.

So what else makes the refreshed MicroLED different from, say, Samsung’s Mini LED-powered Neo QLED panels or other current leading TV technologies? The panel is composed of a million micro-sized LEDs, this year bringing a 10% wider color offering. The 2022 Samsung MicroLED display is also promising improved audio experiences with Dolby Atmos support and Object Tracking Sound Pro, which projects audio to match the movement of on-screen action. Samsung’s new MicroLED TV claims to come bezel-free, too. 

The company is clearly still trying to make MicroLED happen, and making home-friendly size options is half the battle. But again, the margin of customers who can actually afford Samsung MicroLED TV is probably quite narrow. We’re interested to see if Samsung can bring the price down, even if by a couple thousand dollars. Though it would likely remain well out of budget for the masses, it would be a better indicator of how soon MicroLED will be more viable for the mainstream. 

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