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Best Pixel 5 cases

best pixel 5 cases
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel 5, the latest flagship phone from Google, brings 5G connectivity, a better battery and new camera tricks to the Pixel lineup. And even though Google’s lowered the starting price on its flagship handset to $699, you’re still going to want to make sure that your Pixel 5 has plenty of protection.

Fortunately, there’s a wide selection of the best Pixel 5 cases to keep your new phone looking just as pristine as the day you got it. Even with a durable build that includes IPX8 water protection, the Pixel 5 isn’t invincible, and a case can provide some added insurance against unexpected drops.

But Pixel 5 cases can provide more than just protection. A variety of options are available that not only fit your Pixel 5 perfectly but offer a variety of materials, eye-catching designs and pleasing colors. Here are the best Pixel 5 cases we’ve spotted so far. 

What are the best Pixel 5 cases you can buy right now?

Because everyone’s taste is different, there’s really not one objectively best Pixel 5 case. The "perfect" case for you is one that ticks all the boxes on your wishlist. Do you want a specific material, color, function, or price? You'll need to make your Pixel 5 case choice within those parameters.

For major concerns about drops onto hard surfaces, the OtterBox Commuter Series for Pixel 5 is a great choice. If you're more worried about light, slimline protection that offers a grippy surface to hold onto your phone and prevent those drops in the first place, the Spigen Liquid Air Armor case might be more your speed.

Some Pixel 5 users are likely more concerned with the way their phone looks while inside the case. There are a litany of options that dress the phone up in various hues and fabrics while still offering light protection. Take the official Google Pixel 5 Case, which comes in four different shades, each mindfully crafted from eco-friendly fabrics.

If you prefer to be able to see the Pixel 5 even when it’s inside a case, your best bet may be the Case-Mate Eco94 Eco Clear Case. Crafted out of plant-based materials, it's a clear case that lets you showcase your new phone to the world while keeping it safe and secure.

best pixel 5 cases OtterBox Defender Series for Pixel 5

(Image credit: OtterBox)

1. OtterBox Defender Series for Pixel 5

Best Pixel 5 case for protecting your phone

Size: 6.2 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches | Weight: 0.27 ounces | Colors: Black | Materials: Polycarbonate shell, rubber slipcover

For heavy duty phone cases, OtterBox is usually the first place to turn, and the Pixel 5 Defender Series Case is no exception. It features a multilayer setup with a soft foam inside shell and an outer polycarbonate shell to keep your phone safe from just about any accident that befalls it. 

The Defender Series includes a holster that doubles as a belt clip and kickstand should you need one as well. Most importantly, the case is  rated for some serious drops — four times as many as the military standard, Otterbox says. Should the Defender Series fail you, however, you can rely on OtterBox's lifetime warranty for an easy replacement, which extends the value of your purchase even further. 

best Pixel 5 cases: Zagg Wembley Palette for Pixel 5

(Image credit: Zagg)

2. Zagg Wembley Palette for Pixel 5

Best semi-clear Pixel 5 case

Size: TBA | Weight: 3.2 ounces | Colors: Gray | Materials: Plastic

Zagg's slim and lightweight Wembley Palette case offers protection for your Pixel 5 in an attractive, translucent gray. Crafted from D3O impact technology, it offers what Zagg boasts as the "most advanced protection for your phone" without adding unnecessary bulk to the Pixel 5. 

The case is pleasingly transparent so you can still see the Pixel 5 contained within. It also includes reinforced top, bottom, and side panels to offer 10 feet of drop protection, as those tend to be the problem areas in most need of reinforcement.

best Pixel 5 cases: Moment Thin Case

(Image credit: Moment)

3. Moment Thin Case for Pixel 5

Best Pixel 5 case for photographers

Size: 6.9 x 2.9 x 0.44 inches | Weight: 1.13 ounces | Colors: Black | Materials: Compostable bio-plastic TPE

The Moment Thin Case is more than just a thin, rubberized case. It's also a vehicle for the Moment Lens, which you can attach to your Pixel 5. The wide lens helps you capture clearer, crisper photos without any fisheye distortion. The lens also requires that you use a special case to ensure it stays on your phone, and that's what the Moment Thin Case provides. 

The $39 case is ready for the special lens augment, complete with a strap attachment for one-handed shooting. It's made out of compostable bio-plastic TPE, with a glass-reinforced Nylon M-Series lens mount and nylon strap attachment. You can take the lens off if you'd like as well, leaving a reliable case that you can use during photo shoots with just your Pixel 5.

best pixel 5 cases: LifeProof Wake for Pixel 5

(Image credit: LifeProof)

4. LifeProof Wake for Pixel 5

Most eco-friendly Pixel 5 case

Size: 5.9 x 3 x 0.46 inches | Weight: 0.77 ounces | Colors: Black, Sea Urchin | Materials: Ocean-based recycled plastic

Go sustainable with the Wake Case, crafted solely from salvaged fishing gear and over 85% ocean-based recycled plastic. The Pixel 5 features a unique wave pattern on the back that's unlike what you see on most other cases, and it comes in two different colors — black and a light purple that LifeProof calls Sea Urchin. 

Rated as drop-proof up to 2 meters (or 6.5 feet), the Wake Case is ultra-thin and seamless, with support for fast Qi wireless charging. Perhaps the coolest part of all is that with every purchase of the Wake Case, LifeProof will donate a dollar to a nonprofit partner in a bid to protect our environment, especially the world's oceans and waters. 

Best pixel 5 cases: Caseology Parallax for Pixel 5

(Image credit: Caseology)

5. Caseology Parallax for Pixel 5

Best Pixel 5 bumper case

Size: 7.2 x 3.58 x 0.67 inches | Weight: 1.76 ounces | Colors: Navy Blue, Burgundy, Aqua Green | Materials: Polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane

Caseology's unique Parallax bumper case is just as eye-catching as it is protective. It features a fun matte geometric design on the back that comes in three two-toned hues. But it's also a great option for keeping your phone safe as well as good-looking, as the Parallax case features dual-layered military grade protection while still remaining as slim as possible. 

The shapes on the case’s back offer some textured grip to keep your Pixel 5 in your hands, and there's even antimicrobial protection to help stave off potential germs. That's equally important during a global pandemic, where we're all struggling to keep our hands clean.

Best Pixel 5 case: Spigen Liquid Air

(Image credit: Spigen)

6. Spigen Liquid Air for Pixel 5

Best lightweight protection

Size: 2.93 x 5.85 x 0.44 inches | Weight: 1.1 ounces | Colors: Black | Materials: Thermoplastic polyurethane

Spigen offers all-around affordable and dependable cases for many types of smartphones, and the Liquid Air Armor case for Pixel 5 is no exception. This matte black case is form-fitted and pocket-friendly, with a special anti-slip surface to ensure you it stays in your hands, even when you're out and about. 

The Liquid Air has a low-profile while remaining professional-looking, and it offers plenty of protection, even for those folks who aren't interested in kitting out their smartphone with a lot of additional heft.

best pixel 5 cases: Vena vCommute Pixel 5 Wallet Case

(Image credit: Vena)

7. Vena vCommute Pixel 5 Wallet Case

Best wallet case for Pixel 5

Size: TBA | Weight: TBA | Colors: Black | Materials: Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic polyurethane

For many of us, it’s as important to keep our phones as close by as our credit cards, ID, and cash. Combine your wallet with your phone with the vCommute Pixel 5 Wallet Case. It features a special hidden slot that keeps everything you'd normally need to tote around in your wallet safe on the back of your phone, securely enclosed in a compartment that slides away out of sight and out of mind. 

Vena’s vCommute case is also great for keeping your phone safe, with dual-layer polycarbonate and TPU featuring a CornerGuard design that protects your Pixel 5 from drops of up to 4 feet. This case works with car mounts, and you can use the folding area that closes in on the wallet as a makeshift kickstand if necessary. 

best pixel 5 cases: Google Pixel 5 Fabric Case

(Image credit: Google)

8. Google Pixel 5 Fabric Case

Google’s best Pixel 5 case

Size: 5.9 x 3 x 0.45 inches | Weight: 0.88 ounces | Colors: Black, Gray, Blue, Green | Materials: Recycled polyester and polycarbonate

Google usually offers attractive and functional cases for its phones, and the Fabric Case is its Pixel 5 effort. Crafted from machine-washable fabric that comes in a variety of colors, the Fabric Case  uses ovmore thaner 70% recycled material to bring the case to life. 

This Pixel 5 case features a slim fit with raised edges to protect your screen and cameras, and it also comes with special bumpers to cover your phone's edges. You can expect light protection in a solid package, but the simple fact that this case is fabric will no doubt fascinate anyone looking for a new bit of "wardrobe" for their fancy new Pixel 5.

best Pixel 5 cases: Case-Mate Eco94 Clear Case for Pixel 5

(Image credit: Case-Mate)

9. Case-Mate Eco94 Clear Case for Pixel 5

Best clear case for Pixel 5

Size: 5.9 x 3 x 0.46 inches | Weight: 1.3 ounces | Colors: Clear | Materials: Bio-based Polycyclohexylenedimethylene, Terephthalate Glycol

Not every phone case needs to be armed to the teeth or feature innovative designs. The Case-Mate Eco94 Eco Clear Case is a great alternative for Pixel 5 owners who don’t want to make a fuss about protection, but still recognize that they might want an extra layer of safety for their device. 

Made of plant-based materials, the Ec094 is a simple clear case that fits snugly over your phone for lightweight, eco-friendly peace of mind. There's nothing much to this case, but it will keep scratches and scuffs from coming for your Pixel 5, and sometimes that's all a new phone owner really wants or needs.

Best Pixel 5 cases: Incipio Grip Case for Pixel 5

(Image credit: Incipio)

10. Incipio Grip Case for Pixel 5

Best Pixel 5 case for avoiding drops

Size: 7.8 x 4.3 x 0.94 inches | Weight: 3.68 ounces | Colors: Black, Blue | Materials: Plastic

Incipio's Grip Case is all about accomplishing one important task: keeping your Pixel 5 in your hand. That can be a bit of a balancing act, but luckily, this case offers multi-directional grips that prevent slippage as well as 14-ft drop protection if you do happen to let the iPhone 5 slip away.

The Grip Case features impact Struts that absorb impact shock as well as a raised-edge bezel to help you avoid accumulating cracks and scratches. All of these features work together to give you an affordable case option that looks as good as it feels on your phone.

How to choose the best Pixel 5 case for you 

When looking for the best Pixel 5 case, it's prudent to keep protection in mind based on the materials a case uses. Consider the thickness of the case as well, because it absolutely matters if you're someone who ends up dropping your phone often. If you’re confident you won't be sending your Pixel 5 clattering to the ground, less heavy-duty cases are acceptable options. 

You’ll see a range of prices on Pixel cases, but price doesn’t always reflect value. You'll have to evaluate each case on an individual basis, because cheap does not always mean "bad" in the world of phone cases, just like paying top dollar does not guarantee you're getting the best item possible. You'll need to figure out the most important aspects of each case to you and what works best.

The simplest aspect of choosing the right case for your Pixel 5 comes down to ensuring you have the right size. The Pixel 5 is only available in one build, which makes things exceedingly simple. Any case specifically designed for the Pixel 5 will do just fine. Avoid cases for the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G as those are different dimensions than the Pixel 5.