Vitatalpa cycling shoes review

The best indoor cycling shoes for riders on a budget

Vitatalpa cycling shoes review
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The Vitatalpa are the best indoor cycling shoes for those on a budget.


  • +

    Compatible with both Delta and SPD Cleats

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    Many color options

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    Cushioned sole


  • -

    No instruction manual

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    Does not come with cleats

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The Vitatalpa cycling shoes are an inexpensive and comfortable pair of cycling shoes earning its spot as one of the top cycling shoes for your Peloton or other exercise bike. For those buying their first indoor cycling bike, these cycling shoes are a great option due to the low cost and great deal of comfort.

Even with trying to figure out how to work the spool and shoelaces at first, these shoes are one of the best indoor cycling shoes I've tested. Read the rest of our Vitatalpa cycling shoe review to see why we love them so much. 

Vitatalpa cycling shoes review: Price and availability

The Vitatalpa shoes can be purchased on Amazon and range in cost anywhere from $29.95 to $45.95 depending on what size and color you choose. These shoes are roughly a third of the cost of other cycling shoes. However, only men’s sizes are available.

The Vitatalpa shoes come in many colors, are compatible with both the Delta and SPD cleats, but do not come with the cleats at the time of purchase. Even so, these shoes are still significantly less expensive than other cycling shoes I’ve tested.

Vitatalpa cycling shoes review: What’s included

As mentioned, these shoes are compatible with both Delta and SPD cleats, but come with neither; nor do they come with any guide on how to install the cleats. I recommend also buying a small screwdriver or an Allen key if you do not have one already. Once you’ve purchased and received your cleats, make sure you adjust your cleat properly before you tighten the screws.

Vitatalpa shoes review: Comfort

I tested the Vitatalpa cycling shoes with Delta cleats for more than a month and enjoyed wearing them the whole time. While I typically wear a size 9 for my running shoes, I opted for a men’s size 7 since only men’s sizes were available online. They fit me perfectly and were very comfortable while riding.

These shoes come with an adjustable buckle spool dial to tighten and loosen the shoelaces as well as a velcro strap at the bottom. Upon putting these shoes on for the first time, it took me a minute to understand how the adjustable buckle spool worked since it did not come with any instructions.

Vitatalpa cycling shoes review

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I discovered that when wanting to tighten the shoelaces, the spool must be snapped in and to turn the buckle clockwise. When loosening the laces, the spool buckle must be pulled out to release the tension. 

Even though I didn’t understand this process at first, I now like this shoelace system better than the hook-and-loop and velcro straps, because my feet feel more secure and tighter while riding.

Because the sole of the shoes are cushioned, my feet felt like they were on clouds while pedaling. Additionally while riding, I found these shoes to be comfortable, breathable, and durable. Lastly, I found these shoes dried quickly after my ride was over.

Vitatalpa shoes review: Verdict

After testing out the Vitatalpa shoes, I found them to be one of the best shoes for cycling. Not only were they vastly less expensive than most of the other choices on our list of the best indoor cycling shoes, they were comfortable while riding.

If you have more to spend, the pair I found to be the most comfortable is the Shimano RC1, which retail for $90. They were lightweight, very breathable when I did long classes, and had easy wear and removal thanks to the three velcro straps. Still, the Vitatalpa shoes are a great choice for someone purchasing their first pair of cycling shoes and does not want to spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes.