PopSockets PopMount 2 review

The only mount you need if you’re a PopSockets PopGrip user

Popsockets PopMount 2
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Tom's Guide Verdict

PopSockets PopGrips are hugely popular among users of big phones, but taking them off to fit those phones into a car holder is a non-starter. The PopSockets PopMount removes that need, embracing the PopGrip like no other holder can.


  • +

    The only phone holder designed specifically for your PopGrip

  • +

    You don’t need to remove the PopGrip to use your phone in your car

  • +

    Works with just about any PopGrip on the market today


  • -

    Useless if you don’t use a PopGrip, so you’re stuck in that ecosystem

  • -

    Some might prefer a different mounting method

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PopSockets PopMount 2: specs

Price: $30
Wireless Charging: No
Color: Black
Fixing method: Adhesive ring

PopSockets PopMount 2 is a car phone mount that solves a major gripe for any fans of Popsockets’ PopGrips. Namely the fact that you can’t use a car mount without taking the Grip off. The popmount 2 makes the PopGrip a vital part of the setup making it simultaneously indispensable and unusable depending on whether you use one or not.

PopSockets PopMount 2 review: Price and availability

The PopMount 2 is available from PopSockets and other major electronics retailers. It’s only available in black from the former, while the likes of Amazon only strock it in white or pink — with no trace of black to be seen.

PopSockets PopMount 2 review: Design & features

In terms of design, the biggest part of the PopMount 2 is its huge adhesive ring base. It’s massive and very, very sticky. It’s one of the stickiest adhesive cups I’ve tested and that’s probably why PopSockets says this thing will stick to anything.

Popsockets PopMount 2 mounted to windshield

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Features are as comprehensive as they need to be. Dotted around that massive base are areas for cables to be clipped, ensuring that they don’t fly around the cabin when you’re on the move. The arm is made from a ring-shaped piece of plastic that looks nice beside some of the more utilitarian holders that are on the market. The whole thing can rotate to give you the best angle, too.

PopSockets PopMount 2 review: Setup

Setting the PopMount 2 up is as simple as could be. Clean the surface that it’s going to attach to and place it there, applying a little force to ensure that the adhesive ring does its thing. That’s all there is in terms of setup. Now, just slide your device onto the holder’s PopGrip mount and you’re on your way.

Popsockets PopMount 2 attached to cell phone

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Those wanting to charge their phone will need to do so using a cable and the integrated cable holders come in handy here. They’re nothing fancy, but they do the job they were designed to do.

PopSockets PopMount 2 review: Performance

In my testing, the adhesive ring was more than sufficient in terms of holding the holder in-place. The whole thing is surprisingly rigid as well, meaning there is little movement when on the road. I’ve tested much less stable phone mounts in my time.

Popsockets PopMount 2 mounted to windshield with cell phone

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Being able to move the mount from side to side means you can ensure you’re always looking at your phone face on. Rotation is handled the old-fashioned way — pick your phone up, turn it around, and put it back on. Simple.

PopSockets PopMount 2 review: Verdict

Like so many car phone holders, the PopSockets PopMount does its job and does it well, yet in an unremarkable way. That’s what most of us want from these things, so that’s no knock against this holder. Sure, it doesn’t charge wirelessly but that’s made impossible by the PopGrip situation. Conversely, it’s the PopGrip that makes the PopMount 2 so compelling.

Anyone who uses a PopGrip should absolutely take the PopMount 2 for a spin. I can’t imagine a world where anyone would be disappointed. Of course, those who don’t use a PopGrip need not apply.