Samsung may finally offer a vertical app drawer in One UI 7

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Samsung has stubbornly adhered to horizontal app scrolling for quite some time and even removed support for it in the Good Lock app module. But now, the company could change its tack and allow for vertical app drawer support.

After a Samsung forum (via SamMobile) user asked Good Lock whether vertical app drawer support would ever be added back to the app, a person from the support team said that the company was working on delivering the feature in a future update.

"Please note that the Home Up vertical list function is currently being prepared for support in the next OS version," the support person said in the forum post.

While the poster stopped short of saying which version of Samsung's One UI the feature would be offered on, all signs point to Samsung launching One UI 7 next.

A vertical app drawer is one of the more favored features for mobile users who want to see all of the apps they have installed on their smartphones. While the feature is available on other Android handsets, vertical app scrolling isn't available in One UI. Instead, users need to swipe horizontally through pages to see all of the apps they have installed. It's a pain and generally less efficient than vertical app scrolling.

Good Lock's Home Up module previously supported the feature. However, Samsung issued an update that removed it, leaving users with no other option but to return to horizontal app scrolling.

What's not immediately clear from the forum poster, however, is exactly how the vertical app function will be integrated. And while it's possible it'll simply be added back to the Home Up module, many Samsung users are hoping it'll be built natively into the operating system to create a more seamless experience.

That said, it's possible the feature doesn't launch in One UI 7 at all. Indeed, back in March, another user had asked Good Lock about vertical app drawer support and the company at that time said it would launch the feature on One UI 6.1.1, but that never happened. In that post, the user acknowledged that things can change.

"Please understand that the support schedule may change in unavoidable cases," the person said at the time.

Even if vertical app drawer support launches in One UI 7, don't be surprised if it takes some time to launch. With Android 15 still in beta, One UI 7 could be months from reaching Samsung handsets.

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