iOS 18 getting the ability to record calls and create transcripts — how it works

Call transcription in Siri
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Call recording is coming to iPhones with iOS 18 in an update to the Phone app, but we might not see it in function until iOS 18 comes out in full later this fall. Of course, it will also include some elements of Apple Intelligence as Apple integrates AI into the iPhone.

While a number of third-party solutions exist to record phone calls, none currently exist natively to the iPhone or the Phone app. The new features coming with iOS 18 will make it native, as reported by 9to5 Mac

When the feature comes to iPhones, a new option will appear during calls to start recording. Hitting the button will notify the other person that you are recording, the call screen will display how long the recording has been going.

Once a recording is finished a transcript will be created and saved in the Notes app.

Images of the new phone recording and transcription feature coming to iOS 18

(Image credit: 9to5Mac)

On compatible iPhones, Apple Intelligence in the Notes app will create an AI-generated summary. Currently, the only phones that are Apple Intelligence compatible are the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Supposedly, the iPhone 16 lineup will all run on the same A18 processor, which should make that entire series AI capable.

The AI summary is an extension of the AI features coming to the Notes and Voice Memo apps as part of Apple Intelligence.

This does not apply to the transcription itself, just the ability to summarize it with AI. Any phones running iOS 18 will be able to access the transcription and recording feature.

The current version of the iOS 18 developer beta does not feature this new tool. However, it might appear in a future beta or again, when the full iOS 18 update arrives with the iPhone 16 later in 2024.

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