Florida suddenly pulls digital drivers license support for iPhone and Android — tells everyone to delete the app

Apple's preview of how you can scan your driver's license into Apple Wallet on an iPhone.
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In recent years, Google and Apple have been pushing the ability to store driver's licenses and other ID cards on iPhone and Android devices . However, as of this writing, only four states actively support Apple's digital ID feature in the Wallet app.

Beyond that, only 11 states in total currently support mobile driver's licenses. The other states have dedicated apps for the digital IDs. 

However, suddenly, the state of Florida has stopped supporting their dedicated digital app. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles sent notifications to digital ID holders that the department is working to find a new vendor to support the program, reports 9to5Mac.

The department has asked users to delete the digital ID apps and go back to using a physical driver's license cards until a new vendor is found.

Floridians may not be able to get their digital ID back until 2025. 

The FDHSMV told 9to5Mac:

"The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is working to enhance services to its customers. The agency will be revising the Florida Smart ID application. Once a new vendor is selected, improvements will be made to the Florida Smart ID application.

At this time, FLHSMV is removing the current Florida Smart ID application from app stores. If you have downloaded the app, please delete it from your device, as it will no longer be functional. Please note, your data remains secure with the Department.

We expect the new app to be developed by early 2025 and will notify you by email at that time."

The shut down has been sudden, and it doesn't appear that Florida has a transition plan in place for anyone who has been using the digital ID program. 

It's also unclear what about the program necessitated the surprise revocation. Possibly the department is looking for something cheaper or a security flaw was discovered. It's unclear from here.

The easiest transition solution would be for the state to support Apple and Google's digital ID features that the companies already offer.

In the meantime, Floridians will need to dig out their physical cards for any current need of an ID. 

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    Not today not tomorrow not ever is when I would trust Apple or Google with anything like my Drivers license