iPhone 15 Pro rumored titanium design is the upgrade I’ve been waiting for

iPhone 15 Pro Max
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Rumors of an iPhone with titanium sides/chassis have been percolating since before the iPhone 14 Pro was revealed. And they continue to simmer away for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

Recent tidbits from relatively reliable tipsters have pushed this rumor forward. And thus I'm reasonably confident that the iPhone 15 Pro models may indeed come with edges made out of titanium rather than stainless steel. I really hope this is the case. 

While the stainless steel edges first introduced with the iPhone 12 Pro and its flat sides are very pleasant — at least in my hands — titanium has the advantage of being both stronger and lighter than its iron and carbon alloy counterpart. So in theory, if the titanium edges rumors finally come to fruition, we could have at least two iPhone 15 Pro models that are tougher yet weigh less than their predecessors. 

if the titanium rumors finally come to fruition, we could have at least two iPhone 15 Pro models that are tougher yet weigh less than their predecessors.

Now I rather like a smartphone with a bit of heft to it, as it conveys a feeling of premium quality. But at times when I’m wearing a suit jacket, the iPhone can drag a little on its inter pockets. After all, the iPhone 14 Pro weighs in at 7.3 ounces (206g), whereas GadgetsNow has the iPhone 15 Pro to weigh 6.6 ounces (189g).

It doesn't sound like a lot, but for a phone you use for hours every day, you'll likely notice the difference. So I’d be all for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max shedding a few ounces.

But more important is the strength of titanium. At three to four times the strength of stainless steel, titanium would be the key to much tougher iPhone sides. And I need this.

iPhone 15 Pro: I want titanium

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max/iPhone 15 Ultra renders from 4RMD

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I’m one of those people who live dangerously by not using a case with their smartphone. I like to be able to appreciate the industrial design of such gadgets rather than swaddle it in a lump of rubber or plastic. But I’m also a bit clumsy, something I blame on constantly trying to do too many things at once (this happens when you reach your 30s), which has seen my iPhone 13 Pro hit the deck a few times.

Thanks to the Ceramic Shield glass, the display and back on my iPhone can weather all manner of drops and impacts. But the stainless steel sides are not so robust, and I have a few chips and scratches on the sides of my enduring iPhone.

I’m not super precious about gadgets, believing that wear and tear gives them a little bit more personality to contrast against their often slick but clinical designs. But in practical terms, the roughness of chipped edges don't deliver the most pleasing sensation in one’s hands.

So it’s my hope that with titanium, the edges of the iPhone 15 Pro will be able to better withstand the rigors of being fumbled by the walking cliche of a rushed Londoner.

This would also give me a compelling reason to move from the iPhone 13 Pro to an iPhone 15 Pro. So far I’ve resisted the urge of an upgrade, as I don’t feel enough has changed and the Dynamic Island still needs some time to mature and have more developers tap into its potential.

More practical rather than showy tweaks and changes for the iPhone 15 Pro would certainly make it more of an appealing upgrade for me, and keep me from reversing my decision to go from Android to iPhone. After all, the current crop of our best Android phones is very appealing.

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