I tried this simple vacuum cleaner hack — and my room smelled amazing

A cordless vacuum cleaner being pushed through the living room with a sofa behind
A cordless vacuum cleaner being pushed through the living room with a sofa behind (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Social media is full of cleaning hacks, and the go-to place for the ‘CleanTok’ community to share their quick, “game changing” hacks. From clever ways to unclog your drain without products, to handy bathroom cleaning hacks to make it less of a scrub, you’ll be sure to find a clever solution.

And if you own one of the best vacuum cleaners, you might want to take note of this simple hack. This is especially the case if you’re spending way too much money on expensive (and toxic) air freshener sprays. 

The TikTok video posted by cleaning influencer Chantel Mila, shows an incredibly easy trick to freshen up a room. What’s more, all you’ll need is your vacuum cleaner canister to make this work. With that all said I decided to get out my Dyson cordless vacuum, and put it to the test.  

Quick vacuum cleaner hack

Peppermint oil and cotton balls on countertop

Peppermint oil and cotton balls on countertop (Image credit: Shutterstock)

First, I took a couple of cotton balls and added a few drops of essential oil. I chose peppermint oil for its fresh scent, but lavender is also a great choice. Since the scents are quite strong, be mindful not to soak or oversaturate the cotton. 

The Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner canister being opened

The Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner canister (Image credit: Future)

Next, simply throw the scented cotton balls into your dust canister and start vacuuming around your house. As I did so, I could immediately smell the peppermint fragrance in the room. This is caused by the warm air rushing through the canister, which essentially helps the scents evaporate into the air. 

What’s more, I discovered another trick that the cotton balls hack did. Not only did it make my home smell fresh, but it had also picked up some of the dust and grime inside the canister, which reduces the amount to clean.

Dyson dust canister with cotton balls inside

Dyson dust canister with cotton balls inside (Image credit: Future)

Afterwards, I emptied out the canister, along with the cotton balls, to return to a fresh, smelling room. A quick and impressive way to clean your floor and freshen the air at the same time! 


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It isn’t any wonder this easy home hack quickly went viral —  gaining over 93K views from impressed users. One comment stated, “Why’d u only tell me now?!?!?”, while another said, “You’re my new cleaning lady to follow! DIY and non-toxic! The BEST! ” 

Just beware not to use around pets, as essential oils can be toxic. Also, I probably wouldn’t recommend doing this every time you vacuum, as the essential oils could affect or degrade the plastic components over time. However, it’s certainly a great “quick-fix” for banishing odors, and scenting the air in seconds.

Alternatively, the best air purifiers are the ideal way to improve the air quality in your home, and get rid of smelly odors.  

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