This $3 tool helped me clean my bathroom in seconds

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The bathroom is one of the key rooms in the home where you start and finish your day. That’s why it’s so important to keep it clean, fresh and germ-free. As a busy working mom, I’m always trying to find new ways to make my cleaning less of a chore and to free up time. After all, who really wants to spend their energy scrubbing away at soap scum or limescale?  

Over the years, I’ve bought all kinds of tools, gadgets and products imaginable to make cleaning every room in the home easier. I’ve even tried this Tik Tok bathroom cleaning hack — that actually works. But, little did I know about this $3 cleaning tool that would help me clean my bathroom in seconds. 

Scotch-Brite Dishwand in shower

The Scotch-Brite Dishwand can be used in the kitchen and bathroom  (Image credit: Scotch-Brite)

The tool in question is a soap dispensing dish wand— that’s right, the one used for handwashing plates and cutlery. While I found it in my local thrift store, you can easily buy different types online like this Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Dishwand ($3 @ Amazon) to do the exact job. All you have to do is fill the dish wand with half white vinegar and half dish soap. 

White vinegar is known for its all-round cleaning abilities to easily remove grime, limescale, odor and kill bacteria. In fact, baking soda and vinegar make the ultimate combo for effective cleaning around the home, and will save you money. Similarly, dish soap is a great degreaser, and lifts off dirt to be easily rinsed away.  

Dish soap, white vinegar and dish wand

Dish soap, white vinegar and dish wand (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Once you’ve filled your dish wand, shake it gently to mix the solution. Be sure to keep it upright to avoid any messy leaks. I simply ran a little water in the sink and used the dish wand to clean around the basin and taps before rinsing well. I then proceeded to tackle the bathtub, tiles, and top of the toilet with the wand. Since the solution is slowly dispensed as you clean, I didn’t have to pause in order to  spray any cleaning products along the way. What’s more, the dish wand allows a firmer, non-slip grip in comparison to my traditional cleaning sponge.  

Cleaning sink with dish wand

Cleaning sink with dish wand (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

As a result, I was able to whiz around my compact bathroom in seconds — without even getting my hands wet. Another handy thing about the dish wand is the brush head comes off, so it can be replaced easily with fresh ones after good use. Bear in mind the solution does get more soapy or thick as you go along, but this can be resolved with a little water or vinegar.  

Cleaning bathroom tile with dish wand

Cleaning bathroom tile with dish wand (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Overall, I was impressed with the results. Not only was my bathroom clean with a slight gleam, but it took far less time than it would normally have taken. I also found this hack a lot easier, especially when reaching those awkward spots.

Honestly, I wish I’d known of this simple trick sooner, and it’s certainly a great time-saver.  It just goes to show that these budget-friendly tools can come in useful for many things, and will make your chores feel less of a chore!

How often should you clean your bathroom?

Bathtub with tray on with oil diffuser and products

Bathtub with tray on with oil diffuser and products (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Experts recommend giving your bathroom a thorough clean at least once a week. This includes knowing how to clean the toilet, bathtub and shower area. Be sure to clean the floor every two weeks at best. It's also advisable to give your sink a rinse and wipe every morning and night after use, to reduce bacteria and grime.

Check out how to clean a bathtub in three steps. If you’re more a shower person however, check out how to clean a shower head and get rid of limescale.  And since you're already in the bathroom, check out how to clean grout on floor tiles to get rid of stains and how to unclog a drain without using a plunger

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