Xbox Series S may have just been spotted — and there's bad news

Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Reddit - u/jiveduder)

A U.S. retailer has reportedly posted a listing for a second-generation Xbox One S, which could potentially be the much-rumored Xbox Series S console. 

Twitter user Private Biscuit posted a pic of the listing on Target’s product system that detailed a ‘V2’ take on the 1TB Xbox One S. This could just be a new version of the Xbox One S to include a next-generation version of the new Xbox Wireless Controller, reported VGC. Or it could be a placeholder for the Xbox Series S, a lower-spec version of the Xbox Series X

According to recent rumors, Microsoft is expected to reveal another new games console that’s aimed at being a cheaper gateway into next-generation Xbox games. It’s expected that the Xbox Series S, previously known as Lockhart, will have less power than the Xbox Series X but be significantly cheaper.

Rather than have a lot of compute power, the Xbox Series S may target 1080p performance for gaming and potentially tap into Microsoft's xCloud game streaming technology. Its reduced power should still allow for it to play current-generation Xbox games locally. Sony doesn't seem to have an equivalent to this in the pipeline, as the discless PS5 Digital Edition will still offer the full power of Sony's next-gen console.

Given Microsoft has halted production of the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, it would be odd for Microsoft to then release a new version of the Xbox One S in its current form. However, given all upcoming Xbox games in the next two years are expected to span both console generations, having stock of the Xbox One S does make some sense. 

With this all taken into account, the Xbox Series S could just be a slightly refreshed Xbox One S. Previous leaks have suggested Lockhart’s performance might not be more than the current-generation Xbox consoles.  

We’re expecting to hear something from Microsoft on the Xbox Series S this month. Microsoft's next-gen hardware lineup could fully take shape in just a matter of weeks, to stay tuned for more. 

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