Whoa! Google Pixel 8 Pro preorder rumor promises free Pixel Watch 2

google pixel 8 pro leaked video featuring temperatrure sensor
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By next week, preorder deals on the new Google Pixel 8 phones should start to emerge right after the Made by Google hardware event on October 4 reveals the company's latest flagships. But if a leaked preorder offer from Google proves to be more than a rumor, we may already have seen the best potential preorder deal.

A leaker named Kamila Wojciechowska tweeted out what appears to be a Google promotional image with a Pixel 8 Pro preorder offer. According to the leaked material, if you preorder a Pixel 8 Pro from Google, you'll be able to get a Pixel Watch 2 included at no extra cost.

The Pixel Watch 2 is expected to debut at the same October 4 event where Google is launching its Pixel 8 phones. We're not sure what the price for the Pixel Watch 2 is supposed to be, but the original version launched at $349 last year — so that's quite a significant item to include with the Pixel 8 Pro.

How much weight you want to put behind this rumored preorder offer depends on whether you think the image in the Wojciechowska tweet is the real deal. For what it's worth, the Pixel 8 Pro in the image appears in blue — one of the rumored colors for this year's flagship phone. The leaked offer also comes at the end of a thread showing what appears to be Google Store promotional material. It's the same thread where Wojciechowska disclosed that Pixel phones might feature a "Super Actua display" to improve brightness and readability in direct sunlight.

Last year, Google offered a $200 savings for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro preorders. However, with rumors suggesting that the Pixel 8 series could cost $100 more than those models, perhaps Google is looking for ways to lure in shoppers who might be put off by the prospect of a $999 Pixel 8 Pro.

Both Pixel 8 models are expected to feature a new Tensor G3 chip along with camera improvements and brighter displays. The Pixel Watch 2 could be getting a new chip of its own that figures to increase performance. We've also heard rumors that the Pixel Watch 2 will feature a "multi-path" heart rate monitor for more robust heart rate tracking, a safety feature and the ability to detect stress levels.

The Made by Google 2023 event takes place next Wednesday, October 4, with the event starting at 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT. We expect more details on Pixel 8 preorders at that time.

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