VW teases electric ID.6 SUV — and it's a sleek 7-seat beast

(Image credit: Autoblog/Volkswagen)

Your next electric vehicle could be an Volkswagen all-electric SUV, as the car maker has released a teaser shot of its sleek-looking ID.6.

Set to make its full debut on April 21 at the Shanghai auto show, the ID.6 electric SUV will come in two models: the ID.6 X and the ID.6 Cross. VW revealed no specs for the upcoming SUV, but it’s set to use the same MEB platform as the ID. 4 EV with space for up to 7 passengers spread across three rows of seats.  

As first reported by Autoblog, from the profile shot we can see a fairly classic SUV shape, with a sweeping roof and curvy lines, somewhat similar to that of the ID.4. 

The curvy shape of the ID.6 looks to have made it over from the VW ID. Roomzz concept, shown off in the Shanghai auto show back in 2019. 

But the fancy brace of light bars that seem to make up the car’s headlights don’t appear to have made it out of the concept stage. Rather the ID.6 makes use of more traditional VW headlights, though it would seem like the VW logo light ups and some light strips running from the front lights across the car's nose. 


(Image credit: Autoblog/Volkswagen)

Autoblog noted that documents leaked by Chinese regulators suggest the ID6 will use the 201 horsepower electric motor and an all-wheel drive model will use a system that’ll kick out 302 horsepower. That’s on par with the ID.4, which is currently available in the U.S. an U.K. So adding to the car’s size without ramping up the power of the electrical system would deliver a slower SUV. But the ID.6 could be more of an eclectic car for people who want capacity over performance. 

The kicker here is that it’s unclear whether the ID.6 will make it out of the Chinese market it’s supposedly targeted towards will be sold in the U.S. and U.K. 

We’ll have to wait and see if that happens, but appetite for roomy SUVs is far from small, so we’d not be surprised to see an ID.6 make it over to the States. 

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