Vote now to decide the UK’s best tech companies

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Voting has begun in the UK’s longest-running awards for customer satisfaction in tech: the PC Pro Excellence Awards. 

Set up by our sibling publication PC Pro, which provides the latest developments in the world of IT, as well as a suite of tech reviews, the awards invite residents of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to share their experiences, good or bad, to help PC Pro deliver a verdict like no other.

For these awards are about trust. Based on your experience, and thousands of others, PC Pro builds up a picture of just how good a broadband provider’s customer service is. How reliable a company’s products are, from printers to phones, from laptops to smartwatches. 

We also want to know how you rate each product you’ve bought for value for money - and whether you’d buy from the same company again.

The awards only work because people like you spend a few minutes to share their experiences. In return, you’ll be entered into a prize draw as a thank you.

Take part today in the PC Pro Tech Excellence Awards 2023

Voting ends at midnight on Monday, September 18, with the results published in the issue that goes on sale Thursday, December 9. To make sure you don’t miss it, take advantage of our latest subscription offer.

And in case you’re wondering, last year’s winners include:

  • Best laptop and tablet manufacturer: Apple
  • Best PC manufacturers: Chillblast, Scan
  • Best ISP and web host: Zen Internet
  • Best printer manufacturer: Brother
  • Best mobile data provider: Giffgaff
  • Best smartphone manufacturer: Google, OnePlus
  • Best monitor manufacturer: BenQ
  • Best online retailer: Box, Scan
  • Best NAS manufacturer: QNAP
  • Best router manufacturer: DrayTek
  • Best cloud storage: Backblaze
Tim Danton
Editor-in-chief, PC Pro

Tim Danton is the Editor-in-Chief of PC Pro, the UK's number one IT monthly magazine, keeping readers up to speed on the latest technology developments since 1994. He first took the wheel of PC Pro in 2004 and has stayed on the title in a variety of positions ever since. Tim also brings his long-standing journalism experience to technology sites BigTechQuestion and TechFinitive, where he helps edit articles and pen his own takes on the latest in the world of tech. Tim has also written a book about the birth of home computing in the 1980s, entitled The Computers That Made Britain.