Uncharted post-credits scenes explained — here’s what it all means

Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan and Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in Uncharted
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Update: Missed Uncharted in the theaters? It arrives on Netflix next month

So, we're guessing you're about to see the Uncharted post-credits scenes, or just did (and need them explained). Fortunately, we've already seen it too and have put the pieces together, just like Nathan Drake solving a puzzle. 

Nathan Drake’s gaming adventures were intentionally cinematic, so have translated pretty well to the big screen. We’re still not totally sold on Tom Holland as a young Drake, and the less said about Mark Wahlberg as Sully the better, but the Uncharted movie is a fun, if rather forgettable, blockbuster. 

Okay, now that you’ve seen the film let’s break down the post-credits antics and explore what just happened — and what it means for future Uncharted movies. 

How many Uncharted post-credits scenes are there?

Of course, like any modern day blockbuster, Uncharted gives you reason to stick around even after the movie appears to be finished. If you’re wondering how many Uncharted post-credits scenes there are, we can confirm, Uncharted has two post-credits scenes

Like many post-credits scenes, both are used to set up potential sequels, so let’s dig into exactly what they mean for the future of this swashbuckling franchise. Be warned Uncharted spoilers follow down behind, so don’t venture any further until you’ve seen the movie for yourself.

First Uncharted post-credits scene explained 

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End screenshot

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The first Uncharted post credits scene is technically more of a post title card scene, as it comes even before the name of the director has appeared on screen. 

It opens with a shot of a jail that appears to be filled with some fairly nefarious characters, before settling on one particular cell. Its inhabitant is revealed to be Sam Drake, Nathan’s brother, who was presumed dead after an offscreen shoot out with the movie’s main villain.

Just how he’s alive, or what he’s doing in a jail cell isn’t explained, but we do see that he’s writing a postcard to Nathan warning him not to trust anyone. Whether or not this postcard will ever reach its intended recipient is unknown, but it seems likely that Sam will have a big part to play in Uncharted 2 should the film happen.  

This scene could be a clue that further elements of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will make their way into a potential sequel. The fourth game centres on Nathan discovering his brother is still alive after he presumed him dead during a prison escape gone wrong. It was recently remastered for the PS5 in the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Second Uncharted post-credits scene explained 

Uncharted Drake's Fortune screenshot

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The second post credits scene comes shortly after, and this one in particular will have fans of the video game series very excited. We see Nathan in a tropical bar striking a deal with a new character named Gage (Pilou Asbaek). However, the big reveal is that Gage is working on behalf of someone named Roman who is particularly interested in the ring of Sir Francis Drake that Nathan wears around his neck. 

Uncharted super fans will know that this is likely referring to Gabriel Roman, the villain of 2007’s Uncharted: Drake Fortune. In that game, Nathan and Sully go on the hunt for El Dorado with Roman hot on their heels. Perhaps an Uncharted movie sequel will look to adapt the story of the first game in the series? 

The tense conversation between Nathan and Gage quickly turns sour, and Sully bursts in sporting a moustache, another winking reference that is sure to delight long-time players. As the duo are making their escape they are stopped in their tracks by an off screen character. 

The identity of this mysterious character isn’t revealed, but it could be journalist Elena Fisher. She is a character of great significance in the Uncharted video game series and the primary love interest for Drake. Her absence from the Uncharted movie was surprising, so seems a safe bet for inclusion in a sequel. 

Alternatively, this scene could also be setting the stage for the return of Chloe Frazer who most certainly has a bone to pick with the adventurous pair after they double crossed her during the movie's third act. 

Whoever this unseen character is, these post credit scenes clearly suggest that Sony has big plans for the Uncharted movie franchise going forward. Uncharted 2 definitely looks likely to happen, but the final decision will come down to the first film's reception and box office return. 

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