This standing desk has a programmable 24-inch OLED display — and can track your health, too

Lumina Desk standing in a corner with office equipment on top
(Image credit: Lumina)

After building one of the best webcams and the first studio-quality 4K model powered by AI, Lumina has set its sights on standing desks for its second product.

The Austin-based startup has announced its new Lumina Desk, which is the first to pack in a 24-inch OLED ambient display. The desk will be 29.5 inches wide, 59 inches long and will have a minimum height of 30 inches with a maximum height of 47 inches.

We’ll have to wait until its launch to see if it joins the ranks of the best standing desks, but the anti-scratch display will certainly help set the Lumina Desk apart from the competition. The 60Hz, 1200-nit display is inteded to passively feed users information, and it can be customized with a wide variety of integrated apps including Google Calendar, Slack, Zoom, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. 

Lumina designed its own Lumina OS operating system for the new product, and the company will offer a software development kit (SDK) for developers that want their apps to run on the desk. In order to avoid accidental touches or interference, the display isn’t a touchscreen and is instead controlled using a desktop app from either a Mac or Windows PC.

Plenty of ports for power users

Lumina Desk ports

(Image credit: Lumina)

Lumina designed the desk with power users in mind, as the Lumina Desk includes six USB-C ports and two wireless charging areas capable of delivering up to 200 watts of power for your mobile devices.

That’s not all though, as there are also six power outlets as well as 826 cubic inches of storage space at the back of the desk to hide cables. 

While many other standing desks include a cable management tray that attaches underneath the desktop, the back of the Lumina Desk flips up to reveal all of its charging ports -- and you can also run cables through this rear channel.

Tracking your health

Lumina Desk built-in display with health tracking

(Image credit: Lumina)

If a 24-inch OLED display built-in to the desktop wasn’t enough, Lumina has even incorporated features into its new desk to track your health and help improve your posture.

At the same time, you can program the Lumina Desk to go from sitting to standing on a schedule, track how long you’ve been sitting or standing for and set reminders to take breaks during your workday.

Finally, Lumina is building a proprietary in-office health coach to ensure users are following through with working on their posture, standing and taking the appropriate amount of breaks throughout the day.

Lumina Desk

Overhead render of the Lumina Desk

(Image credit: Lumina)

While Lumina has yet to announce a price or a release date for its new Lumina Desk, the company is currently taking non-paid reservations and you can save your spot in line by visiting its website.

Will the Lumina Desk have the same impact on the standing desk market as the Lumina Webcam did on the webcam market? Only time will tell but expect other home office furniture makers to respond accordingly by adding their own built-in displays depending on its success.

Anthony Spadafora
Senior Editor Security and Networking

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