This new air purifier never needs its filter replaced

OneLife X Air Purifier
(Image credit: OneLife)

Since the pandemic, we’re more aware of indoor pollutants and airborne viruses than ever before. This, in addition to the recent concern of wildfires, has made air purifiers a very popular investment on a global scale. So much so, in fact, that brands are now developing innovative and enhanced features to improve air purifier performance. Enter OneLife, whose latest air purifier, the OneLife X, features plasma filter technology and, consequently, never needs its filter replaced. On top of this, the OneLife X boasts eco-friendly features, so it's good for the environment, and for your wallet.   

OneLife is invested in air quality technology, and aims to promote wellness while being sustainable. This is the company's one and only product, which demonstrates a lot of confidence on its part. But, what makes the OneLife X so special?  

First, there’s the plasma filter technology. This essentially creates a plasma field, which generates ions that charge and catch airborne particles within the purifier. Because of this technology, OneLife claims that the fan can run at a much lower rate than air purifiers with traditional HEPA filters, making it more of a quiet operator. However, we noticed the rating sits at 25-45 dB(A), which is similar to others we’ve tested. 

The plasma filter also claims to remove particles smaller than 0.3 micrometers. In fact, OneLife says it can capture particles as small as 0.01 micrometers. This is smaller than other air purifiers on the market, including Dyson’s latest model. Another big benefit of this new filter design is that you won't need to replace it. You simply wash it periodically, either by hand or in the dishwasher. This reduces the waste produced by replacing HEPA filters.  

“At OneLife, our vision is simple: to empower the world to breathe better – especially indoors, where air can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air,” relayed CEO Christoph Burkhardt. “By using a broad-spectrum plasma field and sophisticated laser sensors, OneLife X traps and eliminates 99.99% of all airborne particles, catching particles as small as 0.01pm (that’s 10 times smaller than the Coronavirus), and runs indefinitely without ever requiring a filter replacement.”

OneLife X Air Purifier

(Image credit: OneLife)

The OneLife X features a minimalist and sleek design. It’s essentially a white cube, which tilts inside a wooden frame. You can direct the fan where you want it to go. It covers rooms up to 270 square feet. That's an average reach, but considering the OneLife X's compact size, it's very acceptable. The device measures roughly 16 x 8 x 8 inches, so it's very petite, and could even fit on your bedside table. It comes with three modes: boost, night and automatic. You can run the fan at full speed in the day, or quietly at night.

There’s also the sustainability aspect of this air purifier to consider. It uses minimal energy at 4-8 watts, which OneLife calculates should cost only about $6 per year to run. It’s also crafted from recycled plastics and bamboo, which gives it an eco-friendly appeal and a natural look.  

In terms of connectivity, the OneLife X can link up with your smartphone via its app, and can also connect to Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Using the app, you can monitor air quality, both indoors and outside, and you can also control the air purifier remotely with access to all three modes. 

Ultimately, the OneLife X’s design is both innovative and promising. It will be interesting to see whether the plasma filter technology can deliver on its claims. It’s also great to see sustainability as a product highlight.   

The OneLife X is available to reserve now for $799 from OneLife and Indiegogo.

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