IKEA just combined an air purifier with furniture — and I love it

(Image credit: IKEA)

Since the pandemic lockdown began, air purifiers have become more popular than ever. Having clean air in our homes is now crucial, not just from a comfort perspective, but also for protection from viruses such as Covid-19. Air purifiers are a must-have during the high-pollen seasons as well, helping us sleep better at night and clearing any pet dander from the air for those who suffer from allergies. 

So it’s no wonder that IKEA has continued to invest in the air-purifier market and is now revealing its latest model, the STARKVIND (which translates to strong wind). The STARKVIND is a smart air purifier, making it a new addition to IKEA’s burgeoning smart-home offerings. It’s also available in a side-table design, which makes it a great space-saver.

IKEA has released a few smart-home products in the past, but it doesn't have a huge selection, which goes to show how important it feels the market is for air purification. 

“For IKEA, the smart home is not about gadgets. It’s about making life and home better through combining our solid home-furnishing knowledge with digital solutions and technology,” said Henrik Telander, Product Owner at IKEA of Sweden. “That’s why we explore the possibility of integrating the function of purifying air and technology to provide a good experience for customers at home.”

The STARKVIND is designed to cover rooms up to 215 square feet, which isn’t as impressive as some others on the market, but it's better than IKEA’s already available FÖRNUFTIG which will cover up to 105 square feet.


(Image credit: IKEA)

This is more than enough for a small bedroom and in its side-table design, the STARKVIND is technically not taking up any extra space. It comes with five fan speeds plus an auto mode that will adjust automatically based on the level of impurities in the air using a built-in sensor. It also comes with a 3-filter system which the company says will catch everything from pet hair to pollen and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like paint thinner or nail-polish remover. 

So what are the smart-home features? The STARKVIND can be used independently or connected with the TRÅDFRI gateway, from which you can use the IKEA Home smart app to control the air purifier. You can see the quality of the indoor air via the app, which is useful for monitoring, and you can schedule when you want the purifier to run so it will switch off when you’re not at home. 

A typical freestanding version of the STARKVIND will also be available, but the side-table design is much more interesting. With this option, the air purifier can actually be incorporated into your furniture. It’s a great idea if your space is limited or you simply don’t like the look of typical air purifiers.    

“STARKVIND is a high-performing air purifier," said Telander "When designing it, we also wanted it to have a modern design which can be adapted to changing lifestyles. People can choose based on their needs and preference."

The STARKVIND will be available at IKEA in October 2021. The freestanding version will cost $129 and is available in black and white, while the side table design will be $189 and comes in a dark or light finish.  

Katie Mortram
Homes Editor

Katie looks after everything homes-related, from kitchen appliances to gardening tools. She also covers smart home products too, so is the best point of contact for any household advice! She has tested and reviewed appliances for over 6 years, so she knows what to look for when finding the best. Her favorite thing to test has to be air purifiers, as the information provided and the difference between performances is extensive.