The Nevers episode 7 — when is it coming back?

The Nevers episode 7 on HBO
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So many questions remain unanswered ahead of The Nevers episode 7. The HBO sci-fi/supernatural series left off with a huge reveal about Amalia True's origins and the source of the spores that gave the Touched their powers. The Nevers part 2 will follow up on those developments, as well the escape of serial killer Maladie and the ongoing campaign against the Touched by Lord Massen. 

The Nevers season 1 was split up into two parts for a few reasons. One is the pandemic, which shut down production for some time. Another is the departure of series creator Joss Whedon from the project, following allegations by Ray Fisher of misconduct on the set of Justice League. Philippa Goslett has taken over as showrunner of The Nevers, but it may take a bit of time to get this ship sailing again.

Here's everything we know so far about The Nevers episode 7 and the return of season 1 part 2.

When is The Nevers episode 7 airing?

HBO has yet to set a premiere date for The Nevers episode 7. Nor is there any info about the episode title, writer, director or run time. 

And considering we haven't seen any news or even rumors that The Nevers has returned to filming more episodes, we don't expect The Nevers episode 7 until 2022.

How many episodes are in The Nevers season 1?

The Nevers season 1 consists of 12 episodes. Before the series premiere, HBO announced that it would air in two parts of six episodes each.

All the network said at the time was that part 2 "will follow at a later date, to be announced."

What is happening in The Nevers?!

You are not alone if you shouted "WTF" at the screen while watching The Nevers episode 6. It definitely changed the game and completely upended our ideas about the show.

The Nevers part 1 finale ended with an origin story for Amalia True. Actually, two origin stories.

One of those origin stories takes place in the future on post-apocalyptic Earth, which has been decimated and seen the deaths of over 5 billion people. A civil war is raging between the PDC (Planetary Defense Collation) and a sect of extremists called Free Life. They clash over their views of the Galanthi, enormous squid-like alien creatures who arrive via portals and give some humans extra-empathetic abilities via spores. The PDC believe the Galanthi are their last hope; the Free Lifers think they're out to destroy humanity. 

A skilled fighter who is a Stripe and a healer/Knitter happen up on an off-grid base, where they discover the last Galanthi. When violence erupts, Knitter is shot and killed before she gives Stripe her real name. The Galanthi is endangered, and believing it is leaving via portal, Stripe commits suicide. However, the Galanthi somehow takes her spirit/essence with it ... 

In the other origin story, baker's apprentice Molly finds herself out of a job and forced to marry the ogre-like butcher, Mr. True, and care for his bedridden mother. When he dies, she is left penniless and desperate. One day, she jumps to her death in the Thames ... the day the Galanthi arrives.

When Molly is pulled out of the river and taken to an asylum, she is no longer Molly. Her body is inhabited by the Stripe, now with the Galanthi-given ability to see flashes of the future.  There, she meets Sarah (who later becomes Maladie) and her future lover, Dr. Dr. Horatio Cousens. After an Eliza Dolittle-like crash course in Victorian manners and a name change, Amalia is freed from the asylum by Lavinia Bidlow and given sanctuary at the orphanage. And her first fellow Touched resident is Penance Adair.

OK, so, now that we've got the origin stories down, let's return to the present. Amalia has found where the Galanthi crashed in London. She experiences flashes of the past and the future and hears a voice say, "Did you think you were the only one who hitched a ride?" Does that mean someone else from the future is inhabiting a body in Victorian London?

When Amalia returns to the orphanage to meet up with Penance, she finally reveals her real name: Zephyr Alexis Levine. And she is ready to tell everyone else the truth about her past, the future and the Galanthi. 

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