The end of the PS5 restock nightmare could be in sight, AMD says

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It’s been almost a year since Sony’s next-gen console launched, yet the PS5 restock nightmare continues to rumble on. Merely buying a PS5 is currently a herculean task that requires extreme dedication and a big dose of luck, but the end may finally be in sight. 

Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, said this week (via Spieltimes): “I expect it to be from June-September of next year 2022 when, perhaps, it will be possible to go down to a video game store or a department store to buy a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X without it being an impossible task.” 

This is significant as AMD is one of the biggest manufacturers of processors and graphics cards in the world, and crucially produces the chipset that is used in the PS5 console. So naturally, any comment from the CEO of AMD on the PS5 restock situation is going to carry a lot of weight. 

Of course, it’s important not to get carried away and take Su's comment as a guarantee. Su previously predicted that the PS5 stock shortage would abate by the latter half of 2021 — which, unfortunately, hasn’t been the case. The console remains as elusive today as it's been since the first wave of pre-orders dropped in September 2020. 

Furthermore, other industry sources have suggested that buying a PS5 or an Xbox Series X won't get easier before 2023. Although in more positive news, Xbox’s Phil Spencer has also claimed that stock of the Xbox Series X console is expected to stabilize in 2022. So, with some luck, the stock shortages plaguing both next-gen machines may not be around by this time next year. 

The second half of 2022 is nearly an entire year away, which might frustrate those currently looking to buy a PS5. But having a light at the end of the tunnel is appreciated. Plus, the worst of the stock issues could start to dissipate earlier, and by next summer, buying a PS5 may be a much easier task, even if it's not fully hassle-free yet. 

If you can’t bear to wait until 2022 as you want to join the next generation of console gaming as soon as possible, make sure to bookmark our PS5 restock guide. It’s updated daily with the latest restock information and rumors. Plus, we have plenty of retailer-specific buying advice and more general tips to help you score a PS5 based on our experience of tracking stock over the past 12 months. 

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