Tesla Model S faces another delay — because that's what Tesla does best

tesla model s plaid
(Image credit: Tesla)

There’s bad news for prospective Tesla Model S Plaid owners: the upcoming electric sedan is being delayed. Not by much, but it means the first models won’t be getting delivered until at June 10.

With the Model S Plaid’s ‘delivery event’ originally slated for June 3, this isn’t a particularly bad delay. Certainly not when you consider that the car was originally expected to arrive sometime in August or September.

The news was confirmed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk over on Twitter, claiming the Model S Plaid “needs one more week of tweak." 

It’s not clear what the tweaking might be, but considering that Tesla has only delayed the car by seven days suggests it’s not all that serious. Considering delays faced by other Tesla cars in the past, seven days is barely even a blip on the calendar. 

After all the second generation Tesla Roadster was first officially announced back in late 2017. And that was after several years of Tesla hinting that another version of the electric sports car could be on the way. As it stands right now the Tesla Roadster 2022 isn’t due to arrive until sometime next year. 

Unfortunately, the Model S Plaid’s delivery date being brought forward means the Model S Plaid Plus isn’t available right now. The upgraded version of the car isn’t due until mid-next year, though the option to pre-order has been greyed out ever since Tesla Moved the Model S Plaid’s delivery date up.

Still the Model S Plaid has a lot to offer. A range of 390 miles per charge, a top speed of 200 miles per hour, and a 0-60 time of 1.99 seconds (with rollout). Plus all the usual luxury features you’d expect from a Tesla, and an infotainment system that promises a high-end gaming experience, because cars play video games now.

Tom Pritchard
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