Tesla Cybertruck looks weirder than ever in new off-road footage

tesla cybertruck
(Image credit: Tesla)

There's something pretty mysterious about the Tesla Cybertruck, and we're not talking about the truck's absolutely bonkers design. For all of Tesla's work in hyping up the EV, we haven't really seen the Cybertruck in action. Until now. 

A video posted by Harsimran Bansal over on Twitter shows what appears to be an official Tesla promo of the Cybertruck. Evidently, Bansal saw it in a Tesla showroom, even though it’s yet to be shared on the automaker’s social media channels.

Honestly? The Cybertruck looks even weirder when it’s out on the roads. Which is saying something, considering how strange it looked on stage next to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

It’s been obvious from the get go that the Cybertruck is a really bizarre-looking vehicle. Like something out of a PS1-era Cyberpunk game, after being filtered through a fever dream. It’s the angles and the distinct lack of detail that does it for me, particularly with the flat slope at the back of the truck.

The complete void at the front is also a little unnerving, especially the fact there’s a thin bar of light across the entire hood instead of headlights. Elon Musk is not wrong when he says the Cybertruck is unlike anything else on the road. 

Musk has even admitted that the Cybertruck’s design may not work in its favor for that very reason. It has very little in common with all the electric cars out there, and the swarm of electric trucks that are on the way. But that is why Musk loves the thing so much, also claiming that the Cybertruck "looks like it was made by aliens from the future”.

I certainly wouldn’t go that far, but there is a reason why the Cybertruck looks the way it does. The truck seems to have been designed as a hybrid option, a fully-capable truck with all the performance of a sports car. It’s outer shell has also been designed to be “nearly impenetrable” to keep the occupants safe from the outside world.

Elon Musk even showed off this last fact when he unveiled the Cybertruck, though things went famously awry with the “Tesla armor glass” in the windows. For those that still haven’t seen the clip, while the Cybertruck’s steel exoskeleton could withstand blows from a sledgehammer and 9mm pistol rounds, the glass did crack after blows from a metal ball.

Weirdness aside, the Cybertruck is also set to come with a lot of great features. There's Autopilot with "Full Self Driving," a large flat bed that can be used for various add-ons, a luxury interior, and over 500 miles of range on the more expensive tri-motor model. That same model will also supposedly offer a 0-60 time of less than 2.9 seconds.

The Cybertruck was originally due to arrive towards the end of this year, but was delayed until sometime late next year. According to Musk, the delay is down to the fact Tesla can’t produce enough 4680 battery cells for the car, and to rush production now would cause the truck to cost way too much. “Literally” one million dollars, according to Musk.

Sadly, this EV won’t go into volume production until 2023, which means there’s still quite a ways before you might be able to go out and buy a Cybertruck for yourself. Assuming you want a car that stands out this much.

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