T21 Smart Air Fryer promises healthier fried food, with some help from Alexa and Google

proscenic t21 smart air fryer
(Image credit: Proscenic)

Everything is smart these days, and Proscenic’s new T21 Smart Air Fryer is no exception. Not only can it fry up your food using minimal oil, it’s also got built-in Alexa and Google Assistant controls.

Of course, if you’re not about virtual assistants and hands-free control, the T21 also comes with a built-in digital display and a companion app that lets you control what’s happening from your phone.

For those that don’t know, the best air fryers are essentially miniature, high-powered convection ovens. Rather than submerging your food in oil, which is horrendously bad for you, air fryers can produce crispy fried food with only a fraction of the fat. It also means you don’t need to dispose of the oil afterwards, which is useful.

The T21 Air Fryer takes that idea and adds some smarts into the mix, allowing you to control and schedule your cooking remotely. But if you prefer not to take advantage of the appliance’s Wi-Fi connection, you can always use the LED touch controls on the front.

There's also a built-in scheduling feature, so you can prep ahead of time. And a “keep warm” mode which will keep your food at the perfect temperature until you’re ready to eat it. If you’re not in the mood for fried food all the time, the T21 also packs in eight different cooking modes: including baking, grilling, and roasting. 

And like any good oven, mini or not, it has a pre-heat feature that ensures your food is cooking at a consistent temperature. Nothing is worse than finishing off a cycle on an air fryer and finding you need to set it up all over again.

Proscenic promises that the T21 is quiet, producing just 60dB of noise. That’s about the same as a typical business office or a conversation, which isn’t very loud at all. It’s also energy efficient, with an A+++ rating and a cut-off that stops the fryer using up any unnecessary energy. This last bit also has the added bonus of making sure your food doesn’t overcook.

The T21’s removable basket has a capacity of around 5.5 liters, which should be enough for seven portions, and is dishwasher safe. So there’s no awkward cleanup involved after you’re done cooking. Not that there would be much anyway, since it’s got a Teflon non-stick coating, but you can just toss it in one of the best dishwashers and be done with it.

So, if you want your cooking to be healthier and more convenient, this is one appliance you might want to look into. The T21 Smart Air Fryer is available now from Amazon and Proscenic, for the price of $129. It’s also available on Amazon.co.uk for £119.

Tom Pritchard
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