Super-charge your health with a smartwatch: A Huawei study reveals surprising benefits

Huawei health survey
Huawei health survey (Image credit: Huawei)

How much can a smartwatch really help you to improve your health and fitness? Most of us are familiar with the perennial problem of knowing you need to be healthier, but not quite understanding how to get there (and staying motivated to do so). Huawei's latest research looks at whether a smartwatch has the power to make a difference.

The study, looking at the general attitudes, awareness and fitness habits of 8,000 participants across Europe, reveals an interesting paradox in our health aspirations versus reality. While 82% of respondents express an interest in physical health, only half are content with their current fitness levels, and a staggering 60% admitted to not having regular health checks. 

When asked which health measures they most often monitor, the 5 most common were physical activity (57%), hydration levels (54%), sleep quality and duration (50%), heart rate (51%), and calories burned (45%). In contrast, critical health indicators like respiratory rate (37%), blood sugar levels (34%), body fat percentage (34%), and ECG readings (26%) are often overlooked.

Yet, there's one game-changing factor that the study reveals can absolutely play a major role in your health journey: owning a smartwatch. 

Huawei health survey

Huawei health survey  (Image credit: Huawei)

Smartwatches can improve your quality of life

Smartwatch owners are not just casually glancing at their devices; they are actively tracking vital health metrics. They monitor heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and calories nearly three times more diligently than those without a smartwatch. 

Additionally, 47% of users say their smartwatch nudges them to exercise more frequently, 41% report an increase in their workout duration, and 28% have altered their diet based on their watch's recommendations. Consequently, a compelling 88% of survey respondents believe their smartwatch has elevated their physical health, with 86% affirming an improvement in their overall quality of life.

The conclusion is clear: smartwatches are potent tools for health improvement. However, choosing the right one, equipped to track essential fitness metrics, is crucial. Huawei’s smartwatch range is designed to meet these needs, offering a variety of features to support your health and wellness journey.

Huawei health survey

(Image credit: Huawei)

Living healthy with Huawei Smartwatches 

Huawei has long been at the forefront of health and fitness technology with their wide range of smartwatches. Alongside their advanced features, and eye-catching, luxe designs, these are also full of impressive health tracking features. 

In particular, the flagship HUAWEI Watch 4 which is medically certified to carry out ECG examinations, with a simple one button ‘Health Glance’ feature that checks up to seven core health metrics in just 60 seconds. Additionally, the HUAWEI Watch D is another medically-certified wearable that comes with ECG analysis and an in-built inflatable band inside the strap to accurately measure your blood pressure.

If you’re looking for style as well as substance, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 comes in a range of eye-catching designs, sizes and types of watch faces to suit your tastes. More importantly, it comes with a number of health and fitness tracking features including  a scientific work out coach, and a 24/7 health management system.  

Huawei health survey

(Image credit: Huawei)

And for the more super active and adventurous type, the beautiful HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate comes with specialist expedition and diving features for the keen swimmer.

Beautifully crafted from super-premium materials, the Watch Ultimate is designed to be durable and hard-wearing. So if you want to make health a top resolution for the new year, let Huawei smartwatches help you keep track of your fitness and well-being.

For more information, check out the full range of Huawei wearables.