Samsung’s next earbuds could be Galaxy Buds Pro — what you need to know

samsung galaxy buds plus
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We’ve already started hearing plenty about the Samsung Galaxy S21 range, but not a whole lot about the next set of Galaxy Buds that are expected to launch around the same time.

Previously we’ve heard that "Galaxy Buds Beyond" are coming, but FCC filings suggest that the next Samsung earbuds are called “Galaxy Buds Pro” instead.

We know about the name “Buds Beyond” because of a trademark filing in the EU, though newly published FCC documents say otherwise. It doesn’t seem likely that Samsung would have two sets of buds, so we assume that these are either the same thing or “Buds Beyond” is being trademarked ahead of possible future use. In either case, it’s likely that the FCC documents feature the “true” name for the Buds we're expecting next month.

Galaxy Buds Pro obviously doesn’t leave much ambiguity about what these are. We’ve had the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Plus, Galaxy Buds Live, and now the Galaxy Buds Pro. According to a leak from last week, the Pro earbuds will be an upgrade on the classic Galaxy Buds.

SamMobile reported that while Samsung was keeping active noise cancellation from the Galaxy Buds Live, it would not be sticking with the bean-shaped design. In fact they’ll feature the exact same in-ear design as the Galaxy Buds and Buds Plus, which should improve the seal and the overall quality of the ANC. On top of this they’re set to have improvements to the audio and ambient mode.

samsung galaxy buds pro

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The FCC filings, in the meantime, give us our first look at the Buds Pro’s charging case. Evidently Samsung is ditching the curved case from the Buds and Buds Plus, in favour of a square chapped box similar to the one that comes with the Buds Live.

We expect the Galaxy Buds Pro to launch alongside the Galaxy S21 range, which is currently expected to launch on January 14 ahead of a full release at the end of the month. Should the Buds Pro arrive at the same time, it’s likely that they will be made available as a pre-order gift.

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