Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 live stream: How to watch the launch event

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Editor's Note: The Z Fold 2 is here! Check out our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 hub for the official specs, price and all the big upgrades.

Samsung has already shown off the new look for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Now we're going to find out what the foldable phone will cost and all of the missing specs.

Samsung is hosting an online event today (Sept. 1) where it's going to tell us the rest of the story about the Galaxy Z Fold 2. While we've seen the design changes Samsung has made to its latest foldable, we're still waiting for official word on the processor, camera specs, battery and the price.

Here's where you can watch the Galaxy Z Fold 2 streaming event and what we expect Samsung to announce.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 live stream: Watch it right here

Samsung kicks off its full reveal of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 today, Sept. 1 at 10 a.m. EDT/7 a.m. PDT. Like the Unpacked event back in August, this will be an online-only affair, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic making large public gatherings a non-starter.

You'll find the Galaxy Z Fold 2 live stream on Samsung's website. You can also follow along via the YouTube stream right here:

Galaxy Z Fold 2 pricing and availability

We don't yet know how much the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will cost — that figures to be one of the biggest topics of discussion during Samsung's live event. But we do know that you'll be able to get the phone pretty quickly. Samsung says pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will start Tuesday (Sept. 1), presumably just as soon as the event wraps up.

Samsung will also likely announce the date the Galaxy Z Fold 2 goes on sale. We'd anticipate that will be later in September.

As for the price, the original Galaxy Fold debuted at $1,980. Analysts expect the price of the new phone to be in the same ballpark, with display expert Ross Young giving a range of $1,780 to $1,980 for Samsung's new phone.

Galaxy Z Fold 2: What we know so far

Samsung spent most of its August 5 Unpacked event telling us about the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which features larger screens than its predecessor. The phone opens up to reveal a 7.6-inch screen, a slight increase from the 7.3-inch display on the original Galaxy Fold, which Samsung achieved by removing the notch for the front camera. There's also now an ultra thin layer of glass on the display, adding a level of durability to the screen.

The external screen is now a full-cover display, stretching 6.2 inches. That's up from 4.6 inches on the original Fold.

In addition to expanding the screens, Samsung also took multiple steps to refine the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 so that it can avoid the durability issues that plagued the launch of last year's Fold.

Galaxy Z Fold 2: What we're waiting to find out

Samsung hasn't told us what processor will power the Galaxy Z Fold 2, though all signs point to it being either the Snapdragon 865 or the Snapdragon 865 Plus. The latter chipset is found in Samsung's latest phones, including the Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

We know that the phone will feature three rear cameras, but we're uncertain as to what the specific optics will be. Rumors point to a trio of 12-megapixel lenses — a main camera, an ultra wide shooter and a telephoto lens.

It's unclear how big a battery the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will have, though some rumors suggest it might be smaller than the one that powered the original Fold. That would be a curious decision as the new Fold is going to have 5G connectivity — both Snapdragon 865 variants come with a 5G modem — and that can test a phone's battery.

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