Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 could bring back one of our favorite features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
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One of Samsung's most beloved smartwatch features was abandoned for the Galaxy Watch 5: the physical rotating bezel. Introduced in the Gear S2 watch, it let you select apps by twisting the dial, and remained an optional feature all the way up to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

But neither the regular Watch 5 nor the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has it, instead embracing a haptic version that simply isn’t as satisfying or distinctive. It was one reason why at least one of our writers decided to pass this time around.

Samsung may have learned its lesson and will reportedly be reintroducing the rotating bezel for the next generation. But only for the Pro version.

That’s according to the Korean YouTuber Super Roader who made the claim in a new video. The leaker identifies himself as a former Samsung employee and is someone who has proved correct in the past, so this is probably a source worth listening to.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro: Bring back the bezel 

It certainly seems like a sensible strategy. One of the big criticisms of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is that — giant battery and mapping features aside — it doesn’t do a great deal to justify the $170 price leap from the regular watch. Reintroducing a popular feature exclusively for Pro models would be a sensible way of upselling to those on the fence about splashing out on a more expensive model. 

A rotating bezel may hardly be essential, but it’s a nice addition and one that’s very visible for those who like the status-symbol element of wearables. Add in a few more little luxuries, and Samsung can make a good case to wearable buyers of why they need to go pro in 2023.

While the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 isn’t expected until the fall — likely to launch around the same time as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 — this is the second rumor to do the rounds this month. Last week, Galaxy Club reported that the basic Galaxy Watch 6 would be getting a modest battery upgrade, going from 284 mAh to 300 mAh (40mm) and 410 mAh to 425 mAh (44mm). 

There was no word on a similar battery boost for the Pro version, but given the current model packs a massive (for a smartwatch) 590 mAh cell, that’s perhaps less of a priority — though with wearables, every little helps.

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