Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may have one of the brightest displays ever on a phone

A render of the Galaxy S24 Ultra from the back and front in black
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Display brightness on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could be more intense than ever, with tipster itnyang on Twitter/X providing some enticing-looking figures.

Originally, they claimed that the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra would have a peak brightness of 2,200 nits. However, after veteran leaker Ice Universe chimed in to say this figure was too low, itnyang responded with a new claim they had a test device capable of a 2,800-nit peak.

Whichever number you go with, it would make for quite a jump. Samsung rates the Galaxy S23 Ultra for a 1,750 peak brightness, although the highest we measured in our own testing was 1,225 nits. More nits means it'll be easier to read the screen in bright environments, especially in direct sunlight, although we can't help but wonder what impact this increased brightness would have on the phone's battery life.

An upgrade to surpass the iPhone 15

The upgrade couldn't come at a better time. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, assumed to be launching in September this year, is tipped to get a 2,500-nit display. Even if the real values turn out to be lower in testing, this still sounds like it'll easily defeat the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the brightness stakes. But whether it can beat the Galaxy S24 Ultra depends on which of those numbers we saw earlier ends up being more accurate, if either of them indeed are.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra could have more in common with Apple's next Pro iPhones than just enhanced display brightness, since both have been rumored to get titanium side rails. The S24 Ultra may also get a 50MP telephoto camera, while the series as a whole will supposedly benefit from stacked batteries for increased power capacity

New Samsung Galaxy S models tend to arrive in February each year, so we'd imagine the Galaxy S24 series will do the same in 2024. That's still some time away, meaning there's plenty of time for new rumors to emerge and contradict what we've heard so far. Make sure you check our Samsung Galaxy S24 hub regularly in the meantime to ensure you're up to date.

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