Samsung Galaxy S22 delays — here's the ship date for each model now

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra rear and cameras
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Samsung's new Galaxy S22 flagships are available for purchase online and in stores. However, it appears that not every Galaxy S22 order will arrive on time.

A quick look at current shipping estimates shows that many Galaxy S22 orders are being pushed back, with some delays running as late as mid-April (T-Mobile). The delays aren't just carrier-specific either. Certain colors of the Galaxy S22, for instance, are listed as arriving by April 8, according to Samsung's own website. Likewise, select configurations of the Galaxy S22 Ultra have slipped as far back as April 8 at Samsung, with select models (1TB) completely sold out.

The news isn't too surprising as we recently learned that Samsung was struggling to handle the demand for Galaxy Tab S8 preorders. However, if you're waiting on a preorder — or were planning on taking advantage of any Galaxy S22 deals — we've listed the new expected shipping dates below. 

Update: Samsung blames the Galaxy S22 delays on all-time-high interest in the Galaxy S22 series and has issued the following statement: 

“We're grateful for the excitement and response to our new Galaxy S22 series. Interest in Galaxy S22 series is at an all-time high with the pre-order volume exceeding our expectations. We’re committed to getting these devices to our customers as early as possible. However, some customers may experience delays depending on market, model and color. We greatly appreciate the patience and understanding.”

Wait times for the Galaxy S22 models

Galaxy S22 colors

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Galaxy S22 shipping delays
StoreGalaxy S22 (256GB)
SamsungMarch 11 - April 1
AT&TMarch 9 - April 6
VerizonApril 8 - April 15
T-MobileMarch 10 - April 18
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Galaxy S22 Plus shipping delays
StoreGalaxy S22 (256GB)
SamsungMarch 15 - April 19
AT&TMarch 16 - April 19
VerizonMarch 25 - April 8
T-MobileMarch 25 - April 8
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Galaxy S22 Ultra shipping delays
SamsungApril 22April 19April 15
AT&TMarch 25 - April 1March 25 - April 19N/A
VerizonMarch 25 - April 8March 25 - April 1N/A
T-MobileMarch 25 - April 18March 25 - April 18N/A

It's important to stress that your mileage may vary with the Galaxy S22 wait times. Shipping dates are determined by a variety of factors including your location and your chosen configuration, so we can't guarantee that your wait time will be shorter or longer than the ones listed above. 

As an aside, if you're in the market for a large Android tablet, here are five reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and two reasons to skip it.

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  • RachelWatt
    Great update so far. Carry on!
  • Jessryn
    I'm reading this from my new Galaxy S22 Ultra which arrived today from AT&T.
  • Giblet2u
    I’m using my Ultra that arrived on Monday from AT&T!
  • RachelWatt
    Giblet2u said:
    I’m using my Ultra that arrived on Monday from AT&T!
    That's nice. Enjoy it. LOL!
  • didiwags
    I wish! I got a notification from Samsung that there is weather delays!!! :mad:
  • BlueCat57
    What about ship dates for the Unlocked Sky Blue S22 and S22 Ultra?
  • Whatever Ninja
    I really wish this article would be updated. It's insane how backlogged these phones are with no updates. I pre-ordered an S22 (white, Verizon, 256) from Best Buy and there has been zero updates. Online it sounds like most Verizon users also haven't received theirs from BestBuy either.
  • NanoCellMusic
    Should update the delays, I ordered S22+ on Feb 10th and it was supposed to come March 25th, then it was delayed till April 9th, now it has been delayed again till April 22nd.

    Its a complete joke and Samsung should be ashamed of themselves.