PS5 tipped to overpower Xbox Series X — and we're not buying it

PS5 and Xbox Series X
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The PS5 and the Xbox Series X were always due to battle for specs supremacy, but currently it’s the consoles’ teraflops that are the subject of major speculation. We know what the Xbox will be capable of, but not the PS5, and a new rumor suggests it could beat Microsoft’s new machine in that department.

A 4chan leak (via, claims that, among other things, the PS5 will have a “13.3TF Custom RDNA 2 GPU.” Since Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced that the Xbox Series X will have a 12 teraflop GPU, this rumor points to the PS5 being more powerful in a very important performance area.

Previous rumors have attached other figures to the PS5’s graphical potential however. The lowest estimate puts it at 9 teraflops, while the highest puts it at 14 teraflops. This range means the new console will have no problem out-performing the PS4’s 1.84 teraflops or the PS4 Pro’s 4.2 teraflops, but could mean it lags behind the Xbox Series X or surpasses it.

The leak also mentions an AMD Zen 2 8-core CPU which Sony wants to boost from 3.4GHz to 3.7GHz, 16GB DDR6 RAM and 4GB DDR4 RAM, and a 1TB SSD. Beyond the internal components, the leaker alleges the PS5 will include a DualShock 5 controller with haptic triggers, a heartbeat monitor and inbuilt microphone (we’ve seen patents relating to the controller’s haptics and its player monitoring abilities). Previous rumblings have also hinted at a PlayStation AI voice assistant and backwards compatibility with all of Sony’s previous consoles, although whether this would include the handheld PSP and PS Vita is uncertain from the wording.

There are good reasons to doubt the source of this claim however. CCN points to Twitter account JustAnLED, which tweeted the full 4chan post. As you can see below, the supposed leak claimed the PS5 would be revealed on March 3, which is over a week ago now. It calls into question how accurate the rest of the claims are.

We have no idea when we’ll hear a proper announcement from Sony about the PS5, with only the vague “holiday 2020” launch date providing a rough deadline. Hopefully we’ll get some clarity on the specs soon though, as Microsoft is about to release even more Xbox Series X information during livestreams next week.

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  • Engineer.AI
    How many times must we have this discourse! In the end, the console with the best library wins, and not the one with the highest fidelity. Nintendo has showed us this over many generations. I understand headlines like these are just there to grab soundbytes, but come on! These sort of practices are super disingenuous.