Big Xbox Series X event coming next week — and you can watch live

Halo Infinite for Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Xbox)

The Xbox Series X, unlike the PS5, is slowly having its features revealed by Microsoft over time. Currently we know what the console will look like, its basic specs, and a few games that will be coming out around launch, but we’ll likely be finding out a lot more within a week.

Microsoft’s Team Game Stack, its group responsible for developers working on its platforms, has published a schedule of Mixer livestream events (via GamesRadar), to replace the talks it would have held at the recently cancelled GDC conference. Many of these talks sound interesting, but there is one in particular to look out for.

“Xbox Series X + Project xCloud = New Chapter in Gaming,” an hour-long slot starting at 11:40 PT on Wednesday March 18, will hopefully give us some new information on the next Microsoft console. The presence of Project xCloud, Xbox’s cloud gaming platform, in this talk means this will likely be focusing on the ways you can play Xbox games away from the console rather than on the actual hardware features, but it’ll likely be a fascinating look at the new Xbox all the same.

There’s also talks about ray tracing, a new feature coming to both the Xbox Series X and the PS5. Additionally, there will be livestreamed discussions with game developers like Double Fine, Turn 10 and The Coalition, which could contain some news about what these acclaimed devs are working on for the new console generation.

So if you're interested in finding out this information first-hand, check Game Stack's schedule so you know when to tune in, or when to look for a vod or reports after it's all over.

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