PS5 Slim pre-orders in Australia: When it's coming and where to find it

PS5 Slim
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After months of speculation, Sony Australia has finally revealed local pricing and availability for the upcoming PS5 Slim, with pre-orders now open across a variety of retailers.

Releasing just in time for the holidays on December 6, the slimmer PS5 will once again be available in 'Disc' and 'Digital' configurations, only now there's a twist —thanks to the new PS5's modular design, the Digital version can be upgraded with an external disc drive which can be purchased separately.

It's also worth noting that while the original PS5 shipped with 825GB of SSD storage, the new 'Slim' model will come with a 1TB SSD. 

Pricing for the standard PS5 Slim with one DualSense controller has been set at AU$799 with one DualSense controller, and AU$889 with two DualSense controllers. 

As for the PS5 Slim Digital Edition, that starts at AU$679 with one controller, and goes up to AU$769 with two controllers. 

Meanwhile, the optional PS5 Slim Disc Drive has been priced at AU$159. Our advice? Get the standard version then source a cheap second controller elsewhere.

The new 'Slim' PS5 is available to pre-order now in Australia from a number of major retailers, including the likes of Amazon and JB Hi-Fi. Additional details below.

PlayStation 5 console (Slim) | AU$799 at Amazon

PlayStation 5 console (Slim) | AU$799 at Amazon

Amazon has already listed the PS5 Slim Disc Edition for pre-order, priced at AU$799. Curiously, there's no listing yet for the Digital Edition, though there is one for the PS5 Slim Disc Drive, priced at AU$159. Amazon will ship the PS5 Slim from December 6, 2023.

PlayStation 5 console (Slim) | AU$799 at JB Hi-Fi

PlayStation 5 console (Slim) | AU$799 at JB Hi-Fi

PS5 Slim pre-orders have also opened at JB Hi-Fi, which will be shipping the new console from December 6. Pricing for the Disc Edition has been set at AU$799 with one controller and AU$889 with two controllers. Additionally, JB is also selling the Digital Edition with two controllers for AU$769. Meanwhile, the external PS5 Slim Disc Drive is also up for pre-order, priced at AU$159.

Don't need the new Slim model? You might be able to find the original PS5 for cheaper from one of the retailers below.

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