PS5 restock disaster — this $1,000 bundle on Newegg just raised the bar

PS5 restock — Newegg just raised the bar with ridiculous $1,000 bundle
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When you see a PS5 restock online you get excited, but this latest PS5 bundle has us a bit furious. Over on Newegg, InBulk Electronics (which has 888 ratings, and a 90% positive rating) is selling a PS5 bundle for $400 more than the price of the actual parts.

Yes, right now, you can get a PS5 if you're willing to foot a crazy $1,059 bill. And it's actually gone in and out of stock during the time it took to write this story, so someone's actually buying it. But you should not buy this, dear reader. 

So, for the math breakdown: this PS5 bundle has the following components:

  • The PS5 ($499)
  • An extra DualSense Wireless Controller ($69)
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition ($69)

Oh, and if you look closely you'll see a small "Microfiber Cleaning Cloth" at the bottom right corner. No word if that cloth can clean the debt off a credit card or wipe the sadness off a broken heart, but we doubt it's more than a garden variety piece of fabric. 

PS5 restock bundle

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We know people really want a new PS5, but spending the price of a digital-only PS5 as a premium to get one is ridiculous.

Third-party sellers are allowed to sell what they want at the prices they want, but this is really the point where we crook our heads to the side and ask "shouldn't someone step in and stop this?" We've reached out to Newegg for comment.

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