Best Buy PS5 restock sold out — how to get yours when it returns

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Best Buy had PS5 restock on Friday and has since sold out, but there could be more inventory on the way soon. 

This was the third Friday in a row that Best Buy has dropped PS5 stock, so a pattern is definitely emerging at this point. Hopefully, it's a sign that the stock issues that have plagued the console since launch are starting to alleviate and soon you'll be able to buy a console without worry. 

PS5 restock at Best Buy

PS5: $499 @ Best BuyCheck stock

PS5: $499 @ Best Buy
Check stock

PS5 Digital Edition: $399 @ Best BuyCheck stock

PS5 Digital Edition: $399 @ Best Buy
Check stock

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How to get your PS5 from Best Buy 

If PS5 restock comes in at Best Buy, you need to be quick. And we've got some tips that will help to tip the odds in your favor next time.  

It’s important to note that Best Buy will not allow you to order the PS5 from one of its retail stores. You must order your PS5 online. You can select in-store pickup from some locations, but you’ll need to complete the transaction online beforehand. 

When the PS5 is back in stock at Best Buy it will almost certainly sell out in minutes, so you need to be lightning-quick getting your order through. Make sure you already have a Best Buy account and have all your payment information pre-saved so you can speed through checkout. 

Setting up stock alerts, or following a PS5 restock twitter account, is also a smart move as you’ll need to be on the Best Buy website the moment that stock is released in order to secure a console. 

If you want up-to-the-minute updates on PS5 restocks, make sure to bookmark our guide on where to buy a PS5 and guarantee that you'll always be in the know.  

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